Belhaven Inspection Reports

Extracts from HMiE Engagement Inspection Report (Education Scotland 13.3.12.)

  • Sustained attention to health and wellbeing through sports, games and physical activities.
  • There is strong emphasis on music and singing, drama, poetry and public speaking. Interesting activities in art and craft and gardening further broaden children’s experience and sense of achievement. Children with particular talents and interests are very well supported to a high level, as in music, sport and art.
  • Children are very positive about the wider life of the school, including boarding. They feel that staff encourage a strong sense of personal responsibility, respect and concern for others. They value the sense of teamwork and community encouraged through the activities provided by staff.
  • The school is now broadening the ways it celebrates the many varied achievements of all of its children, through the display of their work in art and writing, and by recognising individual efforts at assemblies and school events.
  • The headmaster is ensuring high academic standards by comparing the school’s performance in the Common Entrance Examination with that of similar schools.
  • He has also introduced, with the mutual support of his staff, effective arrangements for sharing good practice through observation of each other’s teaching. This has had a positive impact on staff confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Children appreciate the quality of teaching they experience and the support for learning that teachers offer.
  • Children’s progress in learning is carefully tracked. Staff communicate well with each other about each individual’s academic progress and their personal and social development.
  • The support for learning teacher works very well with staff and provides children with well planned support and guidance. Children are confident enough to seek additional help without prompting.
  • Children feel they benefit from planned study skills practice and the wide programme of lectures and additional activities which is provided to challenge able learners.
  • The headmaster has introduced a programme of regular curricular development. This ensures continued responsiveness to learners’ needs, including a review of health education and future plans to extend drama within the curriculum.
  • Staff are aware of their responsibilities for children’s health and wellbeing. Children feel safe and well cared for in school. They enjoy positive relationships with staff and each other. As a result, they are increasing their self esteem and are enthusiastic about school life.
  • Children find staff approachable and responsive to any problems they share with them. They feel confident that any incidents of bullying or other inappropriate behaviour are taken seriously and dealt with quickly and fairly.

"I like the fact that the children are allowed to be children while still being prepared for their next stage of life. I love seeing hollowed out pumpkins on the front steps to greet them after October half term and the importance of earning the right to put their sports bag into the cricket pavilion in the summer, teddies on their beds at all ages and a jovial yet respectful relationship with members of staff. I always feel sad when summer holidays are over but it can never last when I see the welcome the all children are given." (Parent)


Extracts from Care Inspectorate Report (SCSWIS 30.9.11.)

  • We found that Belhaven Hill School provided a very caring, supportive, vibrant and purposeful learning and living environment for children.
  • We met with very confident and happy children.
  • We saw that there was a very positive ethos and culture within the school that was based upon mutual respect, very positive relationships between children and staff and promotion of the school community.
  • We found that the school operated a very positive balance between the direct supervision of children and encouraging individual responsibility based upon "age and stage". There was a very good balance between group and individual care.
  • We found that very good health and wellbeing practice and promotion was in place.
  • We saw that the school offered a broad range of sporting, artistic and social extra curricular activities which children found enjoyable, stimulating and interesting.
  • We found that the school was very well managed and that the Headmaster provided very good leadership to a staff team that were very committed to the children in their care.