Learning Support

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." Chinese Proverb

“Almost anything can become a learning experience if there is enough caring involved.” Mary MacCracken

The Learning Support department prides itself in providing tailored support for the children within our care. ‘The Hut’  has become a hub of learning for all members of the school community – who can visit during quiet reading for ‘catching up’ or to attend small working groups focussing on a particular aspect such as spelling, tables, creative writing or handwriting.

"Excellent all round education that focuses on education in its broadest sense. The most wonderful Learning Support department." (Parent)

The work of the Learning Support team (Mrs McAleese, Mrs Weddell, Mrs Lawson and Mrs Leitch) is varied and we are available to support pupils in classes across the school.

"Support for learning is weaved through the whole school's approach to education and the children's development." (Parent)

Support for Learning – Further Information

Children with identified learning difficulties will receive support in and out of class where appropriate. In the lower years, early intervention has been key to children succeeding at Belhaven Hill. Working alongside all staff, we monitor their academic progress carefully and along with a robust assessment framework, we work hard to identify particular needs.

The school has excellent links with outside professionals who can provide further diagnostic assessment and advice, working in partnership with parents and the school.

We also welcome children for whom English is an Additional Language (EAL) to attend extra English classes each week and help them consolidate their developing language skills. Children are encouraged to fully immerse themselves into their new classes at Belhaven, however more support is available if acquiring English is proving a challenge. Likewise EAL children’s progress is regularly monitored and is discussed regularly at staff meetings, where appropriate support and next steps are agreed.