The Caldwell Society

The Caldwell Society is named after one of the Belhaven's previous headmasters. The Society presents a variety of thought-provoking lectures from outside speakers to senior pupils.

Talks tend to cover challenging subjects, such as the question of ‘Trade and Globalisation’, ‘The Science behind the Black Death’, ‘The Power of the Sun’, ‘A brief history of Russia' and 'Mr Putin’s Russia of today’, while another introduced Philosophy.
From Nano Car to Nanocar 
There is a whole new world at the nano level. More ...
David Peek
Language and use 1
Languages and their use
... all of a sudden he produced wonderful Tapas and Cheeses ... More ...
Innes MacAskill
Thinking Skills 4
Thinking Skills
Something to think about ... More ...
Innes MacAskill
Soldier for Colonel Waggett
Colonel Waggett’s experiences in Afghanistan 
He clearly explained why Britain had intervened More ...
Ella Robson
Magnus Linklater
His father altered his medical records and his age so he could join up in 1917 More ...
Innes MacAskill
GlobalTrade 2
The Caldwell Society Lecture
Mr Clayton chose to talk to the Society about Trade and Globalisation More ...
Innes MacAskill
The Black Death
John McLean from the Strathallan History Department introduced the topic More ...
Innes MacAskill
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