Fees (2018 - 2019)

The fees are payable before the start of each term, and are currently (September 2018) as follows:

The school day for Form 6 children ends at 4.30pm (4.40pm when a ‘winter' timetable is in operation) and, if they elect to stay for a non-compulsory activity or club, there is a charge of £10 for each activity session, which is added to the end of term bill.
Forms 1, 2 and 3: Boarders per term £7,920
  Day pupils per term £5,625 (includes tea)
Forms 4 and 5: Boarders per term £7,920
  Day pupils per term £5,520
Form 6: Boarders per term £7,920
  Day pupils per term £3,840

Sibling Discounts: For more information on Sibling Discounts please contact the Headmaster.

Services Remission: Fee Remission is given to members of HM Forces in receipt of Continuous Education Allowance. Interested parents should contact the Headmaster for further details.

To reserve a place, a completed registration form should be returned to the school as early as possible, together with a fee of £100.  During the Easter term prior to the start of the academic year of entry, parents will be asked to confirm their intention to send their child to Belhaven and to forward a deposit of £750.

Extras consist of those expenses that a child may incur during the course of a term, such as postage, sweets, chemist's bill, Common Entrance fees, music tuition, travel and so on.  There are also various activities for which a small charge is made, such as golf, tennis lessons or skiing.  There is an optional School Fees Protection and BUPA Scheme in case of illness.  Extras are kept to a minimum as far as possible and depend to a certain extent on the number of pursuits a child wishes to undertake.