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The school uniform is obtainable directly from Aitken & Niven.
The Shop opening times are:  9.00 am - 5.30 pm : (Mon - Sat).


In an attempt to simplify the Belhaven uniform lists, of which there are currently six different versions, there are now two revised lists for September 2017, one for boys and one for girls.

There are several changes and some new additions, which are detailed below. Our aim is to smarten up our look, reduce the amount of items on the list and reduce the overall cost.

Please read carefully the notes below and please note the ‘new kit’ will be available from Aitken&Niven towards the end of June.

Boys and Girls

School jumper:  All present styles will be replaced with one style, the current navy kilt jumper. Many children have a thick wool kilt jumper, which can be itchy but if your child is happy with this, then that is fine. The new navy jumpers are exactly the same style but are a 50% wool/acrylic mix so less itchy and better for washing. However, they must not be tumble dried.

Base Layers (skins):  The white base layer is being replaced by two new items in the form of a Canterbury branded navy base top and bottoms. These will also bear the Belhaven Hill name on the left sleeve and down the leg. These form an important part of the new games kit but are optional items.

New Short Sleeve Fully Reversible Games Shirts: The four rugby shirts (2 stripy and 2 red) currently on the list will be replaced. Sports technology has come on since the days of heavy cotton games shirts and we have entered this brave new world with something which is still mindful of the Belhaven colours and look. The new collared shirts are a unisex style to be worn over the new base layer top. They are fully reversible with the traditional Belhaven blue stripe on one side and red on the other, in a modern, quick dry fabric. These will be worn by all for rugby, hockey and netball.

Mouthguards: Two mouthguards are to be brought in rather than one, to reduce the need for the matrons endlessly buying and fitting mouthguards during the rugby and hockey terms.

White polo/games shirts: Plain white polo shirts (no Belhaven logo) will be permitted. They can be purchased at Aitken&Niven, M&S or other outlets but PLEASE, ABSOLUTELY NO LOGOS!

Swimming Towels: The School will provide all swimming towels with immediate effect (ie: Summer Term 2017 onwards). Please pay careful attention to what is needed regarding bath towels on the uniform lists for both boarders and day children.

Astro/Hockey boots: There is no need to buy a separate pair of hockey (or football style) boots as we never play on grass. A pair of astro trainers, along with one pair of white trainers, will be much more beneficial as they can be used for hockey, netball and tennis.

Navy fleece with zip: This is to become an optional item, although they are strongly advised for the younger children.

Woolly hats: The current navy woolly hat will be replaced with a very funky striped bobble hat by ‘Zaini’, a company founded by an Old Belhavian girl. We have commissioned our own design in Belhaven colours. These will be available directly from the school only, not Aitken&Niven.


Grey Shorts/Trousers: from September, all boys in Forms 3-6 inclusive must wear grey shorts during the Summer Term and the first half of the Michaelmas term up until October half term, along with the long school navy socks. For the rest of the year, grey trousers will be compulsory and plain grey school socks can be worn. All boys in Forms 1 and 2 will wear grey trousers all year round.


White shirts: Forms 1 and 2 will no longer wear white shirts. The pale blue ‘Katie Collar Blouse’ will be worn by all girls.


Form 1s – September 2017

We recognise that parents whose children are going into Form 1 in September will only have one year’s worth of use out of the new kit and therefore we are offering a 35% buy back off the full list price, if the kit is returned to us in July 2018 in good order. This will only be applicable to the new style reversible games shirt, base layers and school jumper.

Labelling – September 2017

Due to child protection and new data protection legislation coming into force in 2018, we no longer require the large labels to be sewn on to uniform. We will only require the large labels to be sewn on to towels, duvets, duvet covers, pillows, pillowcases, blankets and laundry bags.
Please click here for more details.

New Uniform

We would be grateful if parents would adhere closely to the school uniform lists which can be easily downloaded: click here for Girls or here for Boys.  In addition Aitken & Niven, the school’s outfitters, and the school office hold a supply of lists if you should ever need one.
Second Hand Uniform

The second hand uniform shop is run by Susannah Knight and is situated on the first floor in the boys’ boarding house. We are delighted to receive any items of uniform, which are current, clean and in good condition. We charge 50% of the Aitken&Niven list price for all items but we no longer pay for any donations to the uniform shop.

Please leave name tapes on and once an item has been sold you will receive 75% of the selling price. The remaining 25% will be used by school to buy additional sets of team kit.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Susannah Knight at school on either +44 (0)1368 862785 or by email to:

Stock is available from Aitken & Niven via their website at and their shop:
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