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Jamie Ramsay
In August 2014, I embarked on a 17,000km solo & unsupported run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires which I completed on the 30th of December 2015. With your help we managed to raise more than £25,000 for CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid – THANK YOU.

Before I plan the next big adventure (and there will be one in 2018), I am working hard to get my book “Running the Americas” published and once again I need all the help I can get!

My publisher, Unbound, uses a crowd-funding model that pre-sells the book with a range of pledges ranging from £10 to £3000 and various rewards available. I have 100 days to meet my target and the pledges include:
  • Having your name printed in the book
  • Donations to CALM, a male-suicide charity
  • A signed hardback copy of the book hand delivered to your home or office
  • Going for a run & lunch with me
  • Invitations to the launch party in London
  • Discounted corporate or school talks
  • Becoming the patron of the book
To make a pledge please visit https://unbound.com/books/running-the-americas

ABOUT “RUNNING THE AMERICA”: This is the inspiring story of an everyday guy who decided to drastically change his outlook and approach to life. After realising that an unfulfilling life in London was only going to end in resentment and unhappiness, he hatched a plan to change the trajectory of his life and ensure his passions were his priorities. The adventure that unfolded was a solo and unsupported run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires with no specific training, no major sponsor and very scant logistically planning.  Pushing everything needed to survive in an unmodified baby stroller, he had to navigate his way over the Sea of Cortez, around the infamous Darien Gap, through the Atacama Desert and across the Andes. Long spells of loneliness, severe dehydration, continuous bouts of food poisoning and contracting an intestinal parasite all added to the daily challenges he had to overcome. The 17,000km run - equivalent to 403 marathons - consisted of 367 running days each averaging 46km. The route he took followed the Pacific Coast and Pan American highway as it weaved down through North, Central and South America. In Chile, he turned east, and after crossing the Andes set his target on Buenos Aires. He wore through 17 pairs of running shoes, burning over 4500 calories per day. While running was the backbone of this adventure, the book will also share the wonderful experiences he shared with strangers in every country he visited. From the generosity of Clemente, also known as the “Angel of The Desert”, to running with school kids in Mexico, the book will be brought to life through each and every interaction, restoring your faith in humanity. To pre-buy the book visit: https://unbound.com/books/running-the-americas
Thank you for all your support
All the best

George Innes-Ker (reading History) and Caspar and Freddie Rogers (both reading Arabic) are at Edinburgh University and will be sharing a flat in the autumn

Hugo Palmer is a successful trainer in Newmarket. 2015 was his ‘breakthrough’ year when he topped £1million in prize money and had his first Classic winner, Covert Love, in the Irish Oaks.  Amongst his winners in 2016 is Galileo Gold in the 2000 Guineas.

Archie Kelly graduated with a First from Edinburgh Universtiy, with a disctinction in Spoken Russian.

Hugh Carnegie has graduated from Edinburgh, completing a family hat-trick of firsts.

Alethea Osborne has obtained a M.Phil. from St. Antony’s, Oxford, spoken on television about delivering help to refugees in Calais, and is now planning to do three months of aid work in Zambia. She has appeared on the BBC Politics show in connection with her work in organising and bringing aid from Oxford students to migrants in the ‘jungle’ at Calais.

Fettes: Angus Harley captained the 1st XV which also featured Tom Wright; William Dirkin captained the 3rd XV and won the Donald McNab Quaich for all-round contribution to sport; Mungo Harley captained the Senior Colts A XV and ’smashed boundaries with abandon’ for the 2nd XI; Hector Bailey made invaluable runs for the 3rd XI; Archie Seymour played hockey for the Colts C XI; Cleodie Kilgour and Mia Harvey played for the U15A XI.

No fewer than four of the eight boy leavers in July 2008 are now at Bristol University: James Cochrane, Jamie Kelly, Mungo Kilgour and Rafe Seymour.

David Dalrymple is at Trinity, Dublin.

Hewie Dalrymple has been a ski instructor in Japan and is now working for Mark Warner.

Sophie Agnew works for the Duchess of Cambridge and has been the tour manager for her and Prince William’s visit to India and Bhutan.

Julia Tyndall has been made head girl of Queen Margaret’s York.

Skye Brooke has won The National Boarding Bake-Off. There’s a full (and impressive) write-up here.

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