News from the Nest

You’ll find out what’s been going on in the classrooms, the sports fields and elsewhere at Belhaven this year from the ‘Belhaven Brief’ – if you have not been sent a copy, and would like one, please let us know and we’d be happy to email you one.

Belhaven Hill Dog Show
Sunday, September 17th 2017 : 2pm start.
We held our first dog show two years ago, but the weather proved so appalling that we had to hold it indoors.  Despite the confines of the Sports Hall it was a huge success and given there were over 50 dogs, it was amazing that there was only one ‘accident’. All dogs (and their owners) behaved beautifully and there wasn’t a snarl to be heard. There was much wagging of tails and a lot of laughter. This year, we’re hoping for better weather so that we can hold it outside, and be able to have the Terrier Racing Trap in action.
This will be a school event, but OBs are welcome to attend. Please let us know if you and your dog would like to come and an invitation will be sent to you.

Farewell to Staff.

Maude McCloughlin – Housekeeper  for 19 years 1998 -2017
Tess Coleman – School Secretary for 11 years 2006 - 2017
Joanna McAleese – Learning Support for 8 years 2009 -2017
Below is the speech given by Mr Knight on a washed out wet Sports Day, which had to be cancelled, except for the speeches and the piping which were held in the Sports Hall.

‘It is at this time of year though that we have to say goodbye to some of the team. This year Mrs. McCloughlin, Mrs. Coleman and Mrs. McAleese have each been granted parole.
It would be impossible for me to sum up the extraordinary contribution that these three have made to Belhaven over the years and so instead, I would like to tell you the story of the woman who wants to buy herself a dog.
She arrives at the farm and is confronted by a four black labs (obviously). Finding it impossible to distinguish one from another, she asks the farmer about them. Pointing to one she says, “Tell me about that one”
“That one,” he says, “is called Maude. She’s yours for £400. She is dedicated, domesticated, well-trained, patient, personable, very much the leader of the pack. She would make a loyal and trustworthy companion to you and your family for years to come”
“And what about this one?” says the woman, pointing to another lab.
“That’s Johanna; she’s also £400. She is fiercely independent, a good listener though, tough but gentle, child friendly, calm, and utterly devoted. Bright and quick-thinking too, with an excellent pedigree, she’d be a faithful friend through thick and thin.”
“And this one – how much is she?”
“Ah,” says the Farmer, “that is Tessa; again £400. She is very friendly, gentle, good-natured, kind-hearted, mischievous (not mischevious) and a bit mad. She would be a wonderful family pet but would also make an excellent guard dog, keeping the postman, couriers and tradesmen on their toes.”
“And the best thing,” he added, “is that they are all house–trained too!”
“But what about this one?” says the woman, pointing to the last dog.
“Oh I wouldn’t bother with him,” says the farmer. “That’s Headmaster - you can have him for 20 quid?”
“£20!” says the woman, ”That seems very cheap. Why is he called Headmaster – is it because he’s brave, instinctive, intelligent?”
“No,” says the farmer, “it’s because he sits on his backside all day and whines.”
All three much beloved ladies were given a standing ovation when they collected their gifts and bouquets. They will all be very sadly missed. 


Edinburgh New Club send off for Mr and Mrs Peek in pictures:

Peeky's Farewell Drinks Party - Summer 2016 from Belhaven Hill School on Vimeo.


Sports Day Tea Party and Farewells

After a typically freezing cold but busy sports day, all the parents and children gathered in a large marquee (thanks Ed Scovell!) to listen to the speeches and celebrate the time that the MacAskills and the Peeks have spent at Belhaven.

A happy afternoon of speeches, poems and silliness ensued, including an excellent comic song performed by four members of staff; Caroline Burton as Mr MacAskill, Katie Gale as Mrs MacAskill, Peter Bailey as David Peek and Laura Graham as Mrs Peek, danced and sang their hearts out in wigs of all sorts.

David Peek sang a fabulous rendition of Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ and was joined by the current Form Ones for the last verse. We also were treated to a short film, made by Laura Graham which included vox pops from many current pupils and staff.

A fabulous tea was laid on by the newly formed Parent Teachers and Friends Association, who also decorated the marquee with flowers and bowers and made it all look wonderful. Mr and Mrs MacAskill were presented with a spectacular  cake in the shape of the main building – which will take some eating – and, amongst other things, a hand carved wooden mile post, inscribed with the names of all the schools they have worked at and their distances from the MacAskills new home in Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.
Chipping Norton sign 450px
The Peeks and MacAskills were also given memory books, filled with things written or drawn for them by children and parents, past and present.

David Peek and Jacquie are moving to Ireland to be nearer their grandchildren. Needless to say that they will both be greatly missed. He promises that he will be back in Scotland regularly and rumour has it that he will continue to edit the Bugle for the time being. Read the full story...

Some words for the MacAskills from Pinkie, David and Panda Wakefield

"...We have all grown so fond of you both that 'Dear Sandy and Innes' you have made a huge mark on both my children’s lives and we’ll miss you horribly, you’ve done so much for Belhaven, not only for the children but for the parents as well and we send you every possible good wish for the happiest next chapter."


This year’s leavers have been very successful in their scholarships and awards. The leavers are on their way to:

Ampleforth (1), Eton (2), Fettes (2), Francis Holland (1), Glenalmond (8), Oundle (4), Rugby (1), Sedbergh (1), St Mary’s Calne (1), Tudor Hall (1), Uppingham (1)

Scholarships and awards won:              

William Bright academic scholarship (Glenalmond)
All Rounder (Fettes)
Headmaster’s Scholarship (Sedbergh)
All Rounder (Glenalmond)
General (Oundle)
Academic (Oakham)
Basil Hume scholarship (Ampleforth)
Art (Glenalmond)
General (Oundle)       

You can see more about scholarships and awards won here.