Useful Maths Websites

I know some parents have asked how they can help their children improve on aspects of Maths. Below is a list of Maths Websites which may help your child with mental Maths and more specific concepts. 
There are many more websites out there – this is just a selection:

Primary Homework Help

A selection of maths activities.


A chance to practice quick mental Maths – choose a different level, and a topic within a level, to answer as many questions as possible within a set time.


A website with activities and investigations to challenge you further.

Subtangent Maths

A website with some activities including Countdown. Also some revision tips.

Shape Surveyor – Fun brain

Practice your knowledge of areas and perimeters, as well as linking back to other mental Maths games.

Count On

Maths games and activities for children – mental Maths and other concepts

BBC Skillswise

Aimed at helping adults improve Maths skills but useful for children to revise. Each topic includes what to learn, an activity and a test.

BBC Revise Wise

Useful for revision on different topics.

That Quiz

This website has many different topics for Maths, and can be tailored to suit what you want to revise.