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U9 Girls' Hockey v Clifton Hall
Team effort brings about plenty of goals More ...
Virginie Brodie
The eyes have it! 
Incredibly impressive, immeasurably impeccable, impermeably impervious. But are they invincible? The eyes say it all ... More ...
Peter Bailey
1st Girls Hockey vs Ardvreck 
Ella pushed the ball out straight to the top of the D where Kiki was waiting and smacked the ball into the bottom corner. This was a changing point in the game ... More ...
Callum Milne
1st XV v St Mary’s 
The Belhaven rugby team began to show a more even quality and the team did what they can do so well; drawing in the opposition More ...
Warwick Wilson
U9 Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
Great afternoon of hockey as plethora of goals for U9 girls gives them 3 wins. More ...
Virginie Brodie
1st XV v Cargilfield
The match needed to start as the nerves of the Belhaven boys were getting the better of them, especially looking at the opposition's size! More ...
Warwick Wilson
U11A Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
We had a few breaks but just couldn’t quite finish off. The girls felt disappointed as they knew they are capable of greater things. More ...
Alice Kidd
1st XV v St. Mary's
Thoughts of this match from the perspective of two of the players, Charlie and Jamie More ...
Charlie and Jamie
Hockey Ball Girls
Girls' U11c Hockey v Cargilfield
A close match today and some great play More ...
Katie Gale
1st Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
It was Belhaven who were beginning to see more of the ball as they were very strong in defence and did not look to be beaten today. More ...
Callum Milne
2nd XIII v Loretto (A) 
Notes from a smart phone ... More ...
Henry Knight
1st XV v Loretto
A fair result, but much to talk about! More ...
Warwick Wilson
U13 Ardvreck 7-a-side Tournament
How great to see the boys together as a team, completely drained after the long day's rugby but with massive grins after winning a cup that Belhaven haven’t held since 2002. More ...
Sam Bloor
U11A Rugby v Loretto 
A scrappy home match. More ...
William Townshend
2nd Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
Despite early muddled structure the girls sorted themselves out and used positional and stick skills for a well-deserved victory. More ...
Kay Holliday
Cargi Plate 2017WEB
U11s Win The Plate 
Another successful day for the U11s. More ...
William Townshend
Hockey Ball Girls
U13c Hockey v Loretto
A very close match for the team More ...
Katie Gale
U9 Boys Harassed Opposition to Flirt with Victory
The final equalising try will remain in the memory of many of the touch line frequenters as one of the best passages of play that they will ever witness in U9 rugby. More ...
Peter Bailey
Dandys Boys 2017WEB2
Representative Rugby Success
Belhaven boys star in representative teams. More ...
William Townshend
2nd XV Rugby v Craigclowan
Notes from Belhaven during a 2nd XV Match More ...
Henry Knight
U11a Girls' Hockey v Loretto
A fighting spirit and improved play leads to deserved draw. More ...
Alice Kidd
U11b Girls' Hockey v Loretto
Keen players produce tireless effort and good skills More ...
Jane Haddon
2nd Girls' Hockey v Loretto
Structure not sound enough though use of pitch width and good tackles stemmed the tide. More ...
Kay Holliday
U9 Rugby: a bit at a time
The team demonstrated a need for some intensive tackling practice. “Getting low, touching the grass, watch their legs, cheek to cheek and bands of steel”. More ...
Peter Bailey
U11b Rugby: The halfway point
Progress so far... More ...
Laura Graham
Rugby Match Reports 2017
U13b Rugby v Merchiston
U11A Rugby v Merchiston 
U11A v Cargilfield 
U11s at the Loretto 7s
U13b Rugby v Cargilfield 
U13b Rugby v St.Mary's
GIRLS' Hockey Reports 2017
U11 Girls' Hockey v St. Mary's
3rd Girls' Hockey v St. Mary's
U9 Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
U9 Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
1st Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield 
2nd Girls' Hockey v Cargilfield
U11 Girls' Hockey v Cundall Manor
2nd Hockey v Strathallan
1st Girls' Hockey Triangular
2nd Girls' Hockey v Craigclowan
U9 Girls' Hockey v Loretto
U10 Belhaven Hill v Loretto 
1st Girls' Hockey v Loretto
U11 Girls' Hockey v Loretto