Hatches, Matches and Dispatches


Harry Callander to Alexandra Meikle
Jo Morrison to Adam Kennard
Hero Dalrymple to Rory Mitchell
Emily Jack to Arthur ?
Annie Galbraith to Ryan ?
James Innes to Bess Boggs-Rolfe
Emily Fortune to Charles Graley
Tom Parry to Lucy Hoffman
Robbie Parry to Hermione Gibbs


James Innes and Bess Boggis-Rolfe  
Robbie Parry & Hermione Gibbs,
Tom Fraser & Sarah Guest
Archie Balfour and Jen ?
James Frere-Scott married Lucinda Pearson
Hector Tulloch has married Hannah Codrington
Freddy Ward married Leonora Philipps
Jonathan Barber and Harriet Gray
Richard Douglas Home and Jaimé Smith
William Callander and Henrietta Low
Harry Houldsworth and Emma Priday
Fergus Elphinstone and Rosie Davis
James Frere-Scott married Lucinda Pearson


To Fergus and Rosie Elphinstone, a son, Hamish Frederick
To Simon and Libbit Osborne, a son, Edward
To Jamie and Philippa Forrester, a daughter, Phoebe Alice King
To Julian and Rowena Osborne, a son, Lochie Hamish Michael


It is with great sadness that we record the death of Douglas A. Tulloch (1995-2000) in a tragic accident whilst skiing in Austria with friends, several of them from Belhaven. The second of the four sons of Angus (1957-63) and Sophie, and, in common with his brothers, Douglas was a much loved individual and a gifted and competitive sportsman. He went on to Ampleforth, where he was in both the 1st XV and the 1st Cricket XI, and Exeter University. He subsequently qualified as a chartered accountant in Edinburgh and then moved to work in London.