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Last Sunday, Belhaven athletes took part in the IAPS Athletics which are held at Fettes College.  Despite the rain, every Belhaven pupil performed very well as you can see by the large number of medals we came back to school with! 

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Cricket Ball

Age Name Place Distance
10G Lucy Townshend 3rd 21.78
11G Lily Wallace 3rd 35.24
11B Freddie Jack 1st 46.71
12B Sam Walford 3rd 37.65

Shot Putt

Age Name Place Distance
12G India Baillie 3rd 4.95
12B Jonty Mitchell 3rd 5.95
13B Oscar Jack 2nd 7.69
Open Girls Honor Carrick-Buchanan 3rd 7.27

Long Jump

Age Name Place Distance
11G Daisy Wilkinson 3rd 3.24
11B Rob McCorquodale 1st 3.59
12B William Gimlette 3rd 3.92
13G Eva Coca Diez 1st 3.73
13B Sholto Harris Stuart 2nd 4.31
14G Louisa Forsyth 1st 4.16
14G Natasha Cookson 2nd 4.07
14B Johnnie White 2nd 4.13

High Jump

Age Name Place Height
11G Abbey Wood 2nd 1.03
11B Freddie Stuart 3rd 1.01
12G Elena Zarraluqui 1st 1.20
12B William Gimlette 2nd 1.30
13G Eilidh Venters 3rd 1.10
13B Oscar Jack 1st 1.40
14G Kitty Seymour 3rd 1.21
14B Victor Strang Steel 3rd 1.40


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Relay Races

Age Place Time
10 Girls 3rd 74.2
11 Boys 2nd 63.4
13 Girls 2nd 63.4
14 Girls 2nd 59.0

Track Events

Event Age Name Place Time
600m 11G Sophie Stansfeld 3rd 2.15.5
800m 12B Harry Bouverie 1st 2.40.9
800m 13G Eilidh Venters 2nd 2.41.1
800m 13B Robbie Stewart Howitt 2nd 2.39.2
150m 10G Annie Mitchell 2nd 25.2
150m 11B Freddie Stuart 2nd 22.2
150m 12B Jamie Thompson 1st 29.6
200m 13G Ella Walford 1st 30.8
200m 13B Robbie Stewart Howitt 2nd 29.3
200m 14G Louisa Forsyth 1st 29.0
200m 14B Johnnie White 1st 27
75m 10G Annie Mitchell 2nd 12.6
75m 10B Louis Holland-Bosworth 3rd 12.3
80m 11B Robert McCorquodale 3rd 11.9
80 12G Kiki Bailey 2nd 15.1
80m 12B Jamie Thompson 2nd 14.2
100m 13G Ella Walford 3rd 14.6
100m 13B Sholto Harris Stewart 1st 13.5
100m 14B Johnnie White 1st 13.0
400m Open Girls Rebekah Watson 2nd 72.9
400m Open Boys James Stuart 2nd 66.4
1500m Open Boys Victor Strang Steel 2nd 5.28.6
70m Hurdles 13G Eva Coca Diez 1st 14.2
75m Hurdles Open Girls Amelia Ball 3rd 17.2
75m Hurdles Open Boys Ben Prentice 3rd 21.3
Katie Gale, 04/07/2016