Rounders Match Reports 2017

Well done Eugenia, who fought tirelessly to stump out the Cargilfield team one by one.
The final match of the season
The first ten balls were fruitful; two great catches by India Baillie as bowler and some great stumps at first post by Catalina Rescalvo Zarate
A close but successful encounter
The Belhaven fielding improved greatly in the second innings.
Although not a win it was a fantastic performance from a team who have worked hard to get the best out of each other
A very proud coach.
The girls did an incredible job at batting to secure victory
Excellent play from Farrah who managed to score 2 rounders despite being the only batter left.
This team worked together the best I have seen all season
A super game of rounders on the front lawn in the sunshine
A tense end to a corker of a match...
Five selected for Dandys...
Good fielding earns victory
Consistent bowling by Farrah still not enough to clinch victory
There was good feeling that we could pull out a win this game.
This time, the girls took a bit more risk when batting.
The girls trusted their instincts to risk it on their last go
Eugenia worked hard and reacted swiftly on second post and Faith managed to stump someone out
A great afternoon of rounders in the sunshine
we started strongly with rounders coming from Alexia de Lanversin and Lulu Scovell
A super afternoon of rounders...
An impressive scoreboard!
Sophia unfortunately run over by a batter whilst trying to retrieve a ball!
An impressive match for the girls
Good fielding from Caroline, Ailsa, Petra and Robyn
A great start to the season
We started trying to chase the batter round the posts instead of getting the ball to the bowler
The girls knew that their fielding had to be very tight in order to keep the number of rounders to a minimum
An exciting first game of rounders for the U8 team.
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