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  • Friday 26 March 2021 Lochend Woods Blog Winner On our return to school Form 4 started learning about habitats in their Science lessons. They were set a project to find out about a nearby habitat, Lochend Woods. They were to research how the trees support the animals that live there and how the school helps support the conservation efforts of this local woodland.
  • Friday 26 March 2021 Patrol Competition Reports We have had three incredibly intense competitions in the past 10 days as two months of pent-up energy have been channelled into our four favourite animal-themed house contests.
  • Friday 26 March 2021 Mr Pook's News! These last two terms have been a transition period for Belhaven Hill, witnessing the development of formalised Computer Science and Outdoor Education programmes. It is our intention that there will be official reports on these subjects from the Summer term once the rhythms and patterns of both subjects have been ingrained into the fabric of Belhaven life. I hope to explain in this brief note what we have achieved over the last two terms, the thinking behind it, and the direction of travel for the future.
  • Friday 19 March 2021 Form 6's Online Journal The idea of 'Distance Learning' was incredibly daunting for both teachers and children but it was also the parents who went on a steep learning curve to adjust to this new way of learning. Despite the distance, a wonderful closeness blossomed between teachers, parents and children alike, to ensure we were providing the best education we could under these difficult circumstances.
  • Friday 19 March 2021 Choristers' Lockdown Challenge During the Spring Lockdown 2021, the Belhaven Choristers were challenged to teach themselves a Grade 5 singing piece, Panis Angelicus, and send in their recordings from home. They had to do it on their own with no help at all. They were given the sheet music, a recording and a backing track. No rehearsals at all. They then recorded themselves singing it at home.
  • Friday 12 March 2021 Pop Art Still-life Pupils at Belhaven Hill produce some stunning Pop Art images during their remote learning during the pandemic lockdown.
  • Wednesday 10 March 2021 Return of Form 6 For many weeks, the sounds around Belhaven Hill were those of the seagulls and the tractor busily mowing the pitches, eagerly anticipating the return of the children. Finally, on Monday 22nd February, the walls of Belhaven once again resounded with the excitable voices and laughter of Form 6.
  • Thursday 4 March 2021 Belhaven Choristers on a High Note The Choristers are highly trained and, within the first few months of formation, three of our Choristers were offered prestigious Music Scholarships at their next schools owing to their standard of singing.
  • Tuesday 2 March 2021 Homemade Chess Sets Forms 3 and 4 pupils have chosen themes ranging from World Wars, Gardens, Harry Potter and Arctic Sea Creatures to Emojis and Denis the Menace, and they have been very resourceful in using fusing corks, lids, self-drying clay and card from which to make their pieces.
  • Friday 26 February 2021 Poetry Competition A highlight of virtual Belhaven this term has been the Poetry competition. Though the current conditions prevented us from running the Mansfield Music Cup in its usual slot this year, the Poetry competition provided the children with a fantastic opportunity to perform nonetheless.
  • Friday 26 February 2021 Short Film Competition Belhaven students always step up to be challenged and the short film competition was a perfect example of this. It was also a wonderful example of Belhaven's commitment to having a digital and creative focus towards learning.
  • Tuesday 23 February 2021 30 Day Music Challenge During the Lockdown in Spring 2021, the pupils at Belhaven Hill School undertook a '30-day Music Challenge'. Their task was to practise their musical instruments for a minimum of 15 minutes every day for 30 days.
  • Tuesday 23 February 2021 Computing and Robotics? Start 'em young is Belhaven's Aim By Will Pook, Head of Computing
  • Tuesday 9 February 2021 3D Printing The school's new 3D printer has arrived!
  • Friday 5 February 2021 Vision for Drama When you have a landscape as dramatic and beautiful as Belhaven, it is hard not to feel inspired and challenged to find a drama programme to match. The questions I have asked myself amidst this pandemic have been: What can we do now? What can we do when…?
  • Thursday 4 February 2021 Eagle Art Competition This is an Art Department competition for members of Forms 1, 2 and 3. Two winners will be chosen and their work will be framed and hung in the newly refurbished school office.
  • Wednesday 3 February 2021 Monologues: Keeping Drama on the Curriculum Mrs Anna McGrath, who recently joined Belhaven Hill School as the Girls' Housemistress and also teaches Drama, decided that creating monologues would allow the children to continue doing drama despite the restrictions of the pandemic last November.
  • Thursday 10 December 2020 Belhaven Hill Christmas Fair - Charity Event Since, very sadly, the children were unable to enjoy the delights of the Edinburgh Christmas Fair this year, we thought it would be fun to bring the fairground to us!  On Sunday 6th December, we launched our very own Belhaven Fair with the proceeds going to the charity, 'Can Do East Lothian' (
  • Tuesday 8 December 2020 Handmade Christmas Decorations Form 6 has been working with the brilliant Anna Mills, aka Label Lady, to design and create some fun, handmade Belhaven Christmas decorations with the proceeds going to charity.
  • Tuesday 8 December 2020 Handmade Christmas Decorations Form 6 has been working with the brilliant Anna Mills, aka Label Lady, to design and create some fun, handmade Belhaven Christmas decorations with the proceeds going to charity.
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 Music is Flourishing By Director of Music, Mr KNE Ellison
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 Tea in the Woods Belhaven Hospital and Outdoor Education – Form 2 meal in the woods
  • Thursday 26 November 2020 Tree Planting at Belhaven Hospital Mrs Leitch took the saplings that had been planted in the Walled Garden over the summer down to Belhaven Hospital Community Garden on Sunday with a bunch of willing Form 3 helpers and together they planted a hedgerow.
  • Saturday 21 November 2020 Great Green Wall Walk Success On Saturday, 21st November, children and staff at Belhaven Hill School took part in a sponsored walk along the Dunbar coastline for the Great Green Wall, raising a significant sum for Tree Aid. The charity is planting an 8,000km wall of trees across North Africa, from east to west, to stop the spread of the Sahara Desert.
  • Wednesday 18 November 2020 Boys' Hockey: 2nd v Merchiston 1 - 2Goal – A JamesonAssist – M Pratt (C)
  • Wednesday 18 November 2020 Girls' Hockey: 1st v Merchiston 4 - 3
  • Friday 13 November 2020 Boys' Hockey: U11B v Merchiston
  • Thursday 12 November 2020 Fitness or Gym Equipment Appeal I write to ask if any of you have any fitness or gym equipment, which you no longer use, that you would be willing to donate to the school.
  • Thursday 12 November 2020 Boys' Hockey: U11A v Merchiston Belhaven 0 – Merchiston 5
  • Tuesday 10 November 2020 Virtual Cross Country Championships In the absence of inter-school competitive cross country events, Shrewsbury School invited schools to a virtual Cross Country Championship. Belhaven Hill, of course, entered.
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