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30 Day Music Challenge

30 Day Music Challenge

Lockdown Music Practice Unlocks Hours of Effort

During the Lockdown in Spring 2021, the pupils at Belhaven Hill School undertook a '30-day Music Challenge'.  Their task was to practise their musical instruments for a minimum of 15 minutes every day for 30 days. 

As 90% of our pupils have individual music lessons and learn at least one musical instrument, this proved a great success.  Those who do not have individual instrumental tuition were able to take part by practising their keyboards skills, which are taught to all pupils, or by playing their own rhythm compositions on pots and pans!   

Over 90% of all Belhaven pupils took part in the challenge and the majority successfully completed the 30-day challenge by practising every single day.

The final totals were amazing, with many achieving over 2 hours practice per week and some reaching 3 hours per week.  The top few managed over 1000 minutes in the 30 days and our highest score was 1285 minutes – 45 minutes per day! 

The Challenge also contributed to the Patrol Shield Competition – points were awarded by calculating the average number of minutes played per pupil over 30 days.  The results were very close...

1st   Owls: 439 minutes (average per pupil)

2nd Woodpeckers: 436 minutes 

3rd  Lions: 432 minutes 

4th Wolves: 430 minutes 

Well done to the Owls and to everyone who took part!