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An Eagle's Eye View of Form 6

An Eagle's Eye View of Form 6

It’s been a busy start to the school year, with plenty of changes to adapt to. New friends, new teachers, a new school, a newly refurbished classroom and of course, Cora the classroom dog. Cora is always looking for cuddles, strokes, and is of course a good listener and an instant friend to all.

The girls and boys have been getting stuck into their hockey and rugby, respectively and they have all enjoyed their first matches at home against Loretto, Cargilfield and Fettes. Every Thursday the children have been taking part in the Thursday Run, which involves two laps of the school grounds. Each week they work on improving their personal best, a real achievement when they do.

In the classroom, the children have been working hard across all subjects but there have been several tests, as there always are at the start of a school year. Now that those are out of the way, the children can really begin to get stuck into the exciting and dynamic curriculum that Belhaven has to offer.

In Maths the children have been working on place value up to 1000. This includes comparing numbers and objects, placing numbers on number lines up to 100 and using place value grids. This is one of the most important topics in Maths as it is the building block for expanding their mathematical knowledge and understanding.

In Literacy the children have been focusing on reading in particular, but also spelling, phonics and handwriting. We have started some descriptive writing and the children are in the middle of writing a story about a day they brought their monster to school. The children have great imaginations and I am looking forward to seeing what they produce.

Our Topic at the moment has focused on the wider world, moving in towards Belhaven and Dunbar. We are currently looking at the history of Belhaven and how it has changed over the past century.

In Science we have been looking at Life Processes and the characteristics that show that something is living or non-living. We have also looked at features of plants and have even planted some radishes, which we will move into the polytunnel in the walled garden.

In PSHE so far we have been looking at what being safe looks like both in school and in the wider community. We have discussed the importance of looking after ourselves and keeping both our physical and mental health, healthy.

In RS this term we are studying different religions. So far we have talked about Christian beliefs and we are currently looking at Jewish beliefs and the differences and similarities between their festivals, celebrations and beliefs.

So far in French this term we have learned the vowel pronunciations and greetings and have used these in simple conversations. We are now learning to read, write and say the numbers in French correctly.

In Drama the children have been working on "the box." The children open the box and use the items inside to create a scene. This week they explored what a Poppy flower represents. The groups focused on team work skills: listening and responding to others.

In DT they have been looking at the Scottish traditions of weaving tweed and tartan and they have been weaving with a variety of materials including twigs, grasses, wool and thread. In Art they have been learning about hot and cold colours and have been drawing and painting school landscapes after looking at the paintings of the Scottish Colourists.


In Computer Science the children have been learning to use the Sphero. They have been learning to drive them round and use the draw feature. In Outdoor Education the children have started looking at how to deal with emergencies. They then took a trip down to the beach to look at the tide and learn about water safety.

In Music the children have been learning to read crotchets, crotchet rests and quavers, clapping out rhythms and keeping a pulse. They are also singing songs from memory and, most recently, they have listened to the March of the Lions from Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens.