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Belhaven's 'Mini Help Out'

Belhaven's Mini Help Out

Inspired by the success of our Big Help Out last summer, this year, we decided to stage a smaller version (whilst other year groups were away) and focussed our attention on three areas – Dunbar Harbour, the town’s Relay for Life and the Dunbar Day Centre - as we looked to maintain the tradition established by the King after his Coronation.

Form 5 were tasked with supporting Dunbar’s ‘Relay for Life’ event – they baked to feed and they designed (candle bags) to inspire the participants, before Form 2 helped me to lay out the stage on which the Senior Choir sang at the ‘Candle of Hope’ ceremony on Saturday evening. 


Form 4 were split into groups – one went to work at Dunbar Harbour for the morning, helping Harbourmaster, Fiona, with some maintenance work and learning about the tides. This proved to be a fantastic way to help support a really important and iconic part of Dunbar, and it was heartening to receive this positive feedback:

“The contribution from Belhaven Hill this morning round the harbour - especially the Battery - was superb. They worked hard, were interested, helpful, enthusiastic and polite. I hope they enjoyed their time. This sort of partnership should be encouraged!”

(Dunbar Harbourmaster, Fiona)


Meanwhile, the rest of Form 4 spent the morning preparing for their visit to the Dunbar Day Centre at break time.  They rehearsed a number of solo and ensemble musical pieces, including piano, violin, guitar and singing, and learned how to play dominoes, courtesy of Neil Houston and Rena Keller, Community Leaders who had initiated the contact between us and the Day Centre.  Once we arrived at the Day Centre, it was wonderful to watch the children's engagement, warmth and range of abilities creating such a happy buzz. 



Above: Board games; the children singing 'Bring me sunshine'  & 'Summer Holiday' and Jules performing on the piano. 

On Friday evening, I was inundated with volunteers wanting to miss Prep and come and help me set up the stage, and the 8 that I took did a great job! On the Saturday, after the Leavers’ Service, the Senior Choir and all of Form 1 went down to Hallhill to take part in the ‘Relay for Life’, to see the Candle bags designed by Form 5 and to support those walking in teams throughout the night. The Choir sang as part of the ceremony and it was good to once again be supporting such a key community event.

Olly Langton, Headmaster

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