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Boys' Cricket: U9 v St. Mary's

Boys' Cricket: U9 v St. MAry's

Two tight matches between St. Mary’s and Belhaven U-9s.

Our last ‘a’ match of the season showed both how far we have come and also how far there is yet to go.  Opting to bat first Rollo and Hamish ticked along reasonably, putting on 20 for no loss before Harry and Xander added a further 17, Xander getting himself run out once.  In Bertie and Olly’s innings Bertie also fell in the same way and Olly knocked the ball onto his own stumps to add just 2 runs before Archie and Hector put on a healthy 26, Hector scoring three fours but also getting caught and bowled.

It was a lowish score but on a windy day and a fairly long wicket I was hopeful that we’d be in with a fighting chance as we’d only ‘given away’ two silly run-outs through poor communication, which had been one of our main targets coming in to the match.

Belhaven 65 for 4.

In the St. Mary’s inning, however, we were simply not sharp enough.  Our bowling was wayward – too many wides, and the technique of this is something we are going to need to work on for the rest of this term.  Also our fielding showed a lack of focus, technique and bravery, unusual for us as in practice we are usually excellent when practising fielding.  Nonetheless Hector took a catch and also a caught and bowled and forced a run out while Xander took a wicket clean bowled.

Sadly too often we missed a catchable chance or misfielded and thee errors mounted up as we were always playing catch-up and in the end we lost by 12.

St. Mary’s 77 for 4.

Man of the Match: Hector
St. Mary’s U9a win by 12 runs.

In the ‘b’ match I am told that we risked too many runs between the wickets (one pair getting run out three times!) and fell short 81 to 61 runs so something to work on there too.

St. Mary’s U9b win by 20 runs.