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Boys' Hockey: 2nd v Merchiston

Boys' Hockey: 2nd v Merchiston

2nds Boy’s Hockey v Merchiston

1 - 2
Goal – A Jameson
Assist – M Pratt (C)

At the start of the game, it was decided running penalties would take the place of short corners. The first half was a bit chaotic with a lot of advantage played on both sides. The ball tended to stay in the central channel leading to bunched up play and some scrappy passing. When the ball was controlled and moved out wide Alexandre or Archie were there ready to receive the ball up the line. Unfortunately, Alexandre seemed to be skating on the astro and found it difficult to stay on his feet and keep possession of the ball. The defence started deep giving space to the Merchiston boys, this put the pressure on to us early and meant Henry was quickly involved in the game. A quick succession of feet in the D and a running penalty was awarded against us. Merchiston took the advantage.

The subs were rotating themselves off the pitch keeping the legs fresh. Cosmo got stuck in with some great tackles and Duncan started getting stronger in his block tackles as Merchiston’s relentless attack continued. With clearance attempts going straight into the crowd of people at the top of the D, Merchiston were able to regain possession and keep the pressure on. Ultimately, scoring another goal. There was one great break after Matty distributed the ball to the right, Alexandre picked it up quickly and made a great run up the line only to be tackled on the edge of the D. After a few robust encounters around the D we were finally rewarded when Matty lifted the ball towards Archie who was able to pick it up cleanly and slot it into the goal.

Half time oranges were a welcome break and the team returned to the game with renewed energy. From the first ball, Matty set the tone of the second half with immediate pressure applied on the edge of the opposition’s D. The team pushed up higher and reduced Merchiston’s trips into our defensive half. Charles worked hard to move the ball up the right hand side but wasn’t able to get it through the numerous defenders. On a break Merchiston were quickly into the D and another ball to foot resulted meant another running penalty. This time Henry came out on top. The second half remained goalless.

Well played all.