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Boys' Rugby: 2nd v Loretto

Boys' Rugby: 2nd v Loretto

2nd Team Rugby Report written by Harry and Charlie

Even though the 2nds lost it was a fantastic match!

Everyone was excited at the start and we had high hopes for our first match of the season.

The first 5 minutes saw a few missed tackles and lots of breakthroughs and Loretto were 4 – 0 up and captain Harry set up a team huddle to discuss what we were doing wrong. At the restart at our tap and pass we went straight into contact. Our first try was a lovely run from Harry and then another 2 tries from Ted and this is when the comeback started.

At half time the score was 9 - 4 to Loretto.

Harry made a number of beautiful runs and we improved the score-line to 9 - 7 but the increase in effort led to a small drop in energy. Loretto scored a couple more tries to take it to 11-8.

The penultimate try for Belhaven was the best one with Walter charging through and passing right next to the try line to Harry. In the last couple of seconds Harry again sprinted down the wing and scored the last try. A much improved effort from the team, particularly from Charlie, Alexander and Gauthier in the second half, led to a more respectable and well-deserved score.

The end result was 13 - 10 to Loretto.

by Harry and Charlie