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Boys' Rugby: 2nds v Craigclowan

Boys' Rugby: 2nds v Craigclowan

2nd Team Touch Rugby v Craigclowan

It was a good start to the match against Craigclowan in the first half but they seemed to be more on point sliding right past our defensive line. We improved our defensive line throughout the first half of the match and scored a try. After we had done that, Craigclowan seemed to struggle a bit more. Doing high passes not forming a straight defensive line but then suddenly our first try was scored- a try it was a great moment. Archie took the kick as he had not had much kicking practice before so he just ran into the ball tripping over it and gently moving the ball about three meters towards the posts.

As Craigclowan started to up their game they managed to get two more tries by half time they were winning 10 - 17. In addition, a great conversion including about 2 other good conversions in the second half as well as the first half.

Archie was especially good at getting in to the game and Jack always following the ball then gaining ground on the opposition. Matty was always giving the perfect long pass but was slightly self-doubtful but positive to his team. Hayden always out wide and concentrating whenever Adam got the ball he instantly accelerated straight at the opposition nearly scoring an amazing try but he got touched just before the try line. Toby a key player of the match always in the right position and positive.

As the match, continued Craiglowan scored another try we were all feeling slightly doubtful as we passed the ball out to Archie who instantly took it and sped off to the try line with the Craigclowan defence following closely behind as Archie dived over the try line making the score 15 - 22. Then Craigclowan scored two more tries and a conversion then the whistle blew the final blow, at this time the score was 15 - 41 : a good game for the 2nds!

Report by
Matty & Toby