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Boys' Rugby: U11A v Craigclowan

Boys' Rugby: U11A v Craigclowan

If ever there was a game of two halves, then this was it.

After the long bus journey up to Perth, the boys took a while to get into the game itself. The whistle was blown after a short warm up and the boys were instantly on the back foot – tackles weren’t low enough and the attack too passive to really make a dent in the Craigclowan defence. By half time we were 5-1 down and it was looking as though it was going to be a long afternoon.

Fortunately, however the Belhaven boys came back fighting in the second half and weren’t far away from snatching the victory. With the pitch being a lot smaller than the boys were used to, they soon discovered that they couldn’t simply run around the defensive line - as they had become accustomed to doing - and instead changed their tactics. Multi-phase play, with good rucking and pops out of the tackle ended up breaking down the Craigclowan defence and good team tries were scored.

The boys should be extremely proud of winning the second half 7-4; Craigclowan were a good side. It’s just a shame that the boys gave themselves such an uphill battle after the poor start. This is something they will have to ensure does not happen in the following two Wednesdays with matches away at Fettes and Merchiston to come.

Tries: Eck, Tommy, Rollo, Hector and Alfie (4)
Man of the Match: Alfie