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Boys Rugby U11A v Fettes

Boys' Rugby: U11A v Fettes

After the slow start in last week’s game against Craigclowan, I was adamant that we wouldn’t make the same mistake again with an away fixture. As such, the boys were told to focus for the last 5 minutes of the bus journey: to think about their first tackles, to run onto the ball at pace and to ensure communication was constant.

In seemed to have the desired effect, as after a quick warm up in the bitterly cold conditions we started the game well. Hector opened the scoring, with Alfie and Tommy following suit. The boys were using the width of the pitch, passing the ball from side to side. Good rucking and pop offs in the tackles kept the game flowing, so much so in fact that both sides were exhausted as there were so few breaks in play. Eck and Alfie added to the scoring and there was little for the home supporters to cheer. Slightly frustratingly we let a late try in just before the break, making it 5-2.

The Belhaven boys had been dominant and I couldn’t have imagined how different the second half would be. The challenge I put to the boys at the break was to concede no tries in the second half.

Fettes came out strongly in the second half and my hope of conceding no tries disappeared within the first minute. The lack of communication amongst the Belhaven boys lead to poor organisation on the field as holes in our defence were exploited. Eck grabbed a second try and Charlie a first, but Fettes drew level as the game drew to a close. Cold limbs were definitely a factor and there was certainly a lack of fire in the belly of the Belhaven boys as the game drifted away from them.

A draw against Cargilfield felt like the right result a few weeks ago, but this was certainly harder to stomach. The final games of the term will be against Cargilfield and Merchiston on Wednesday 1st December - the boys will need to have more grit and determination in those games if they are to finish the season with two victories.

Tries:  Tommy, Charlie, Hector and Eck (2) & Alfie (2)
Man of the Match:  Eck