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Boys' Rugby: U11B v Fettes


Well, the call after last week's match was to work better at the basics; get the ball passed wide and shore up the defence with more effective tackling.  To an extent we managed this, though much work is still to be done here, plus we weren't helped by the opposition being equally lacking in structure.

That said – we won this match comfortably.  We scored seven unanswered first-half tries and at half-time I asked the boys to work on trying to get the ball passed out wide and also to try to come on to the ball at speed.  We were relying on Sam and Harry’s brute force rather than looking to play our way across the line.

Did this work?  Well, partly.  We did pass more in the second half and three or four times we managed to run on to the ball at speed but equally, we dropped the ball more times than we caught it in the attempt.  We also bunched up terribly and in our keenness to get the ball and score ourselves, all shape went out of our play and we stopped looking to pass.  Against a better side this will not be possible.


And for a bit of fun .......



Last matches next week: Merchiston and Cargilfield tri-tournament.

Man of the Match: Charlie J.

Result: Fettes U11b 3 - 17 Belhaven U11b.