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Boys' Rugby: U11a v Loretto

Boys' Rugby: |U11a v Loretto

Opponents:  Loretto
Date:              Wednesday, 6th November
Time:              2.45pm
Venue:           Belhaven Hill

After the excitement of 7s on Saturday, it was back to a regular, friendly fixture today when we hosted Loretto, here at Belhaven Hill, in cold but dry conditions.

We’ve already played Loretto a couple of times in 7s and were fairly confident that the result would go Belhaven’s way but we also knew that they had a few strong and able players in their team who could pose a risk. I was also very keen that the boys put into practice what we’d been working on recently – a good defensive line and low tackling.

The game got off to a good start with the ball being turned over from their tap 'n pass, then being passed wide for James to score in the first minute and this was quickly followed by a try for George. I have no intention of describing each try here as with twenty-two scored in the match, it would take a while! So, some general comments:

  • Harry Ba. got his first cap for the U11A team today, which now means that every lad in this group has had at least one match for the As – not bad for this stage of the season. He had a solid debut, holding the line well and showing that his catching and passing skills are good.
  • Jamie C. got another run-out for the As and made the best tackle he has made all season. Unfortunately for him, now that I’ve seen him do it, there is no going back!
  • Tom played well, made some super tackles and got stuck into the rucks. At times he forgot to hold the line but he is certainly making progress.
  • As for the more experience old lags, in a slightly one-sided match such as this, it is very easy to get try line fever and for the discipline and shape to go to pot but I was impressed that they didn’t let that happen (too much) today. There were some super team tries and some lovely little interplays with good passing and support and our rucking was dominant throughout.

In total, seven different boys scored sixteen tries between them but even those who didn’t actually touch the ball down contributed to the team’s success. Belhaven Hill didn’t have it all their own way however and Loretto played some very good rugby at times, especially in attack - they fully deserved their seven tries.

Loretto had brought five subs with them today and in order to try and test the boys, at times we played six against ten. In the final five minutes, we decided to just throw everyone onto the pitch and so played eleven against thirteen which got everyone involved and was a great way to end the match.

Belhaven  16 - 7  Loretto

MOTM: Shared between George and Tom.