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Boys Rugby U9 Tournament

Boys' Rugby U9 Tournament

Another Wednesday fixture arrives – this week it was a round robin tournament against Cargilfield and Fettes. Each school had 2 teams – there were no A and B teams, just mixed teams.

After a short, sharp warm up we got straight into the matches. The first matches were: Cargilfield 1s vs Belhaven 2s and Cargilfield 2s vs Fettes 1s. We had 2 pitches running at once so plenty of action for all the boys. The first match ended in a 4-1 victory for Belhaven.

In the 2nd match, both of the Belhaven sides were playing, Belhaven 1s had an absolute thriller with Fettes 2s, finishing 3-3 and Belhaven 2s narrowly losing to Fettes 2-1. A special mention to Xander for clearing up at the back and running the length of the pitch to score a spectacular try.

The 3rd set of matches saw another good win for the Belhaven 1s against Cargilfield 2s, this time both Archie and Innes putting in strong performances.

The next round of fixtures didn’t include either of the Belhaven sides, a much needed rest period to get a drink of water and discuss tactics for the next 2 games.

So the final 2 sets of matches, 2 more games for both the Belhaven sides. The Belhaven 1s drawing one of their matches and narrowly losing their final match 2-3 against Fettes 1s. Some more strong performances and great skill on show from Bertie and Tristan. Belhaven 2s finishing off their last 2 matches in style with 2 wins. The final saw a great performance and a 6-1 win against Fettes.

With all the matches all over, players shook hands and headed over to the front lawn for a well-deserved match tea.  Another brilliant fixture, yet again played in great spirit. A massive well done from Mr Brown to all the boys: you were mightily impressive on and off the pitch.