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Boys' Rugby: U9 v Ardvreck

Boys' Rugby: U9 v Ardvreck

So, after a few weeks of no fixtures the time had come. The boys were all very excited to come into school on a Saturday and play this fixture against Ardvreck. It was also lovely to see all the parents come to watch the match to see their boys play for the first time.

Ardvreck arrived after a long drive and were keen to get into the action as soon as possible. Two 12 minute halves with unlimited touches allowed, some slightly different rules for our boys to contend with.

After a short warm up we got straight into it with Ardvreck winning the toss and starting. Immediately they began their work bursting through the Belhaven defensive line and scoring within the first two minutes of the game. Belhaven immediately replied with a fabulous solo try by Wilbur. It then went back and forth between the two teams with Ardvreck scoring another two tries and Belhaven getting back with an equalizer both times. Some brilliant running with the ball from Xander and Geordie passing the ball to Wilbur both times for him to complete his hattrick within the first half of the game! Belhaven struggled defensively in the first half conceding another try just before half time.

That takes us into half time Belhaven 3 - Ardvreck 4. A quick drinks break and a tactical discussion between Mr Brown and the players and we were straight back into it.

The second half was another thriller with Belhaven scoring very early on in the second half, Geordie running around the defence down the wing and touching the ball down for a Belhaven try. With some very handy passing and quick running from Ardvreck they scored another try. Belhaven answered back with another 2 tries from Xander and Innes. So the clock was counting down 1 minute to go, Belhaven desperately trying to hold on to their narrow lead 6 - 5. They were defending very well, forcing the Ardvreck players backwards a number of times. But then suddenly an Ardvreck player burst down the line and dived over the line to score a try in the last few seconds of the game to make the full time score 6 - 6.

A brilliant match finished off with a quick game with mixed Belhaven and Ardvreck teams. A lovely way to finish off a fun fixture.

Well done boys; a tough fixture against a good opponent, a thoroughly deserved draw. Thank you to all the parents who came and cheered on the sidelines as it really did spur the boys on.