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Boys' Rugby: U9 v Cargilfield

Boys' Rugby: U9 v Cargilfield

Mr Marriot's lot...

Arriving at Cargilfield feels like entering the lions’ den. Renowned for their strength and depth, we knew that we were in for two tough matches. Mr Barrett and I split the U9s into two equal teams, ready to take on the well-organised Cargilfield contingents.

Cargilfield charged forward from the outset, causing Belhaven to lose form. Gaps in our defence immediately appeared, and Cargilfield made the very most of this by scoring two tries in quick succession. Alexander rallied the troops, urging them to cover the open space on the pitch, and Wilfred pushed forward, propelling the rest of the team into the Cargilfield half. With the speed of a cheetah, Oliver surged forward with Wilfred in support, carving through the Cargilfield defence. Belhaven scored two tries. We knew that if we played like this for the whole match, we could win.

But Cargilfield were not going to give up that easily. They moved forward as one, side-stepping and passing well. Archie and Sam tackled again and again, doing their utmost to repel the Cargilfield advance. Ivan stopped a number of attacks in their tracks by covering any holes in our defence. Sadly, we conceded a number of tries, but we fought back, scoring another two. In the end, it was a close game.

1st match result: Belhaven 4 – 5 Cargilfield

The other Cargilfield team looked nimble but fearsome. Quickly, we realised that they possessed considerable skill and understanding of the game. Belhaven conceded three tries in as many minutes, and it seemed that all was lost. The Belhaven boys were not going to finish the half without a try, though. Archie tackled as if his life depended on it and won us the ball in the dying minutes of the half. Sam charged forward like a furious bull, disrupting the Cargilfield defensive line. Belhaven scored a try.

Positivity permeated the half-time talk, and this attitude found its way onto the pitch in the second half. Alexander led by example, urging the team to stay organised in the face of our impressive opponents. The Belhaven boys displayed extraordinary energy and determination, and scored two tries. Cargilfield hit back to be one try ahead, but the pace of Oliver saw Belhaven bring the score to 4-4. Some quick passing from Belhaven saw us take the lead for a moment, but Cargilfield, at the very end of the game, managed to scramble the ball over the line. This was a clash of titans, a meeting of two monumental, unyielding forces. What a game!

2nd match result: Belhaven 5 – 5 Cargilfield

Mr Barrett's lot ...

With the two teams split into groups of equal ability, my cohort lined up facing into the sun, which proved to be something of a challenge. A slow start followed as the boys got used to the layout of the pitch, with Cargilfield quick to pounce. Some quick runs and strong passing from the opposition meant that Belhaven were quickly three tries down by half time. The boys soon rallied, however, with Tommy, William, and Charlie defending for their lives on the try line. Belhaven were soon rewarded with a try, courtesy of William just before half time. The second half saw a much improved Belhaven, only conceding one try to a well drilled Cargilfield side. The final score of six tries to one reflects the slow start that Belhaven had, though I was pleased with the way that the boys recovered in the second half.

The second match was much more of a close contest. Belhaven used the full width of the pitch and passed the ball out wide, causing significant problems for Cargilfield. Though Cargilfield opened the scoring, Belhaven did not let their heads go down, quickly responding with a try from Charlie, on his first outing as captain. The introduction of the 22 line on the pitch caused some confusion for Belhaven, as this was mistaken for the try line on a few occasions, a cruel way to miss out on a try. Cargilfield soon scored again, with Belhaven briskly responding and the pattern being repeated until the score was five tries apiece! The boys were tired by now, but they kept pushing, cheerfully, right until the end of the match, when a last ditch try from Cargilfield secured the match for them. A close encounter, with plenty of positives to take away from what was the first serious test for the squad. On to Merchiston this Wednesday!