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Boys' Rugby: U9 v Loretto

Boys' Rugby: U9 v Loretto

First Rugby Match Ever for the Victorious Under 9s

So the big day had arrived, all of the Belhaven’s under 9s first ever rugby match for school. They had trained hard for this day.

The day was a mixture between a training session with Loretto and a match to end.

Loretto arrived on a lovely sunny afternoon, we got straight into business with a big game of stuck in the mud, proving to be the most competitive game of stuck in the mud Mr Brown had ever seen.

We then split the boys into 4 teams and did a passing race. All the teams were a mixture of Loretto and Belhaven. This was a game we had done in training before so all the Belhaven boys knew it well. It was lovely to see the boys encouraging and helping the Loretto boys who were new to it.

We then moved onto an obstacle course race between 2 teams, this proved to be very good fun having to weave in and out of posts, fitting through hula hoops and smashing into a tackle bag at the end.

So the time had come for game time, the boys were all very excited. We split into 2 teams and played 10 minute halves against Loretto. The boys all played really well and put in 100% effort.

  • A few special mentions:
    to Wilbur for captaining the A team so well
    to Archie and Tommy for stepping up and playing for Loretto as they were one man short -  Archie stopping a Belhaven try on the line to save the day for Loretto!
    to Geordie who scored 2 tries on the day, skilfully dodging the Loretto defenders.

At the end of the matches both of the Belhaven sides had won:
the A team 6 - 1
the B team 4 - 1.

A massive well done to all the boys!

Finally a massive thank you from Mr Brown to the boys for being so well behaved and polite to the opposition and coaches.

A brilliant fixture!