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Choristers' Cathedral Weekend

Choristers' Cathedral Weekend

Belhaven Hill's Choristers perform in the Cathedrals of Glasgow, Dunblane and Paisley Abbey

The weekend of April 22nd saw the Belhaven Choristers travel to Glasgow, Paisley and Dunblane to perform concerts in each location.

Glasgow Cathedral, the largest in Scotland and dating back to the 1100s, was the first destination in the morning. The Choristers sang a full concert of music, with each half being sung at different parts of the Cathedral. There were many tourists in the building, swelling the audience, and appreciative and generous applause greeted the end of the performance.

Having devoured a smaller than expected packed lunch (half had been left back at school!) we drove to Paisley Abbey, a beautiful 900 year old building with great acoustics - a joy to sing in. Negotiating our way through huge crowds, who were there to enjoy the Beer and Food Festival (happening all around the Abbey), and carrying robes, Pipe Band instruments, music and all the tech equipment, we entered the Abbey and set up for the afternoon concert.


During the concert, the choral pieces were interspersed with our 'Chorister Pipe Band'. We are very lucky that around half the Belhaven Pipe Band is made up of Choristers and so, with 5 Pipers and 7 Drummers, we were able to perform the Pipe Band repertoire as well. This, of course, produces a concert full of greatly varied music.

The two Saturday concerts having been put to bed by mid afternoon, the Choristers were up for a bit of fun. So, Ten Pin Bowling and a visit to Cosmo's restaurant, where the phrase

'all you can eat' buffet was taken very seriously by the children who had only had a limited packed lunch earlier, finished a great day.

Travel to Dunblane Cathedral was undertaken on Sunday, where the Choristers led and sang for the Morning Service. After refreshments, the congregation returned to hear the Choristers' final recital of the weekend. The Pipe Band also performed and included a solo piper playing 'The Bells of Dunblane' at the memorial to the tragedy that happened at the Primary School in 1996. The Choristers also sang a tribute to the children lost that day; a special setting of 'Tears in Heaven'. A very poignant moment.

The large audience showed their appreciation and there were a number of 'curtain calls' for the Choristers, including them signing some autographs as well!

Another superb weekend, during which our Choristers worked hard and performed in another three Cathedrals. This brings the total to 10 different Cathedrals that they have performed in over the last two years - memories that will undoubtedly stay with them.