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Cricket and Rounders Match Reports against Cargilfield

Cricket and Rounders Match Reports against Cargilfield

Every child in the School represented Belhaven in matches against Cargilfield.

Girls' Rounders


Belhaven 8 – Cargilfield 14

It was now time to drop the cricket bats and pick up the rounders bats for our first match of the term.  Having focused mainly on cricket skills, and improving our bowling and batting there, our rounders skills were a little rusty.  A games session on Tuesday to remind the girls of the rules and get their eye back in for a different game, saw the girls hitting the ball really well.

We arrived at Cargilfield ready to go and Willow won the toss and opted to field first.  Playing on Astro was not what the girls were used to and they had to adapt quickly and soon found that the ball rolled much further and bounced awkwardly. Cargilfield were quick to score and some ‘butterfingers’ with some early fielding gave away scores. As we settled into the innings, Lily’s bowling was nice and accurate and Willow made some good calls at 2nd post, stumping out players. A score of 5 ½ rounders was achievable.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get an eye in for the ball and with the backstop taking advantage of a smooth surface and rolling the ball to 1st post, Willow, Sophie and Bea were all out on their first ball. Despite a great hit, Victoire was caught out as was Ottie. It was then down to the final few to start scoring. Rounders for Alice and Lily and a half from Lottie gave us some score but it was not enough to match. By the end of the innings we had scored just 3 rounders.

We started fielding again and started the innings brilliantly. Louisa took over bowling and Sophie took the first catch of the innings from the first batter. We managed to limit the scores for a while, with some great catches from Lottie at 3rd post.  Alice and Willow again stumped out players at 1st and 2nd but some misfielding and hazy knowledge of the rules, meant that some easy rounders were given away.  A third catch for Lottie on the final ball saw Cargilfield finish the match having scored a further 8 ½ rounders.

This was a tough score to beat. 

We found it hard to hit the ball to start with and when we did, great hits from Sophie, Bea and Ottie were soon caught.  A number of half rounders were scored for the team but our total of 5 for this innings was not enough.

A tough first match girls – your fielding was so much better as the game went on and you were beginning to coordinate and work together with your fielding.  We need to work on some batting ready for next week, along with a recap of some of the more detailed rules.

Three wishes and a star

  Recap on the finer rules

  Remember to run onto the next post whenever possible

  Start deep and walk in when fielding

  Lottie’s hat-trick of catches in the second innings



Today was the U11s' first rounders match of the season. It was a glorious summer’s day here at Belhaven as the girls, having only had three games sessions of rounders, took on the Cargilfield A team.

Belhaven won the toss and Daisy (our captain this week) chose to field first. In the first innings, despite some excellent batting by Cargilfield, Belhaven’s fielding was on top form and the team managed to catch seven of their ten players out. We saw some brilliant catches from Maggie and Daisy and some excellent communication by the team, directing those on the bases to effectively catch out the opposition at the base. Wendy’s accurate bowling should also be mentioned. The girls were tentative when it came to batting in the first innings, which meant that Cargilfield came away from the first innings with a two point lead.

In the second innings, Belhaven once again caught seven of their ten batters out with excellent fielding. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, Belhaven could not quite pull it back when it came to batting.

The final score was 10½ to Cargilfield and 7 to Belhaven.

It was a very close match and the Cargilfield coach said that Belhaven had given the Cargilfield As their toughest match yet this season. Well done girls!


On a glorious sunny afternoon, the U11Bs prepared for their match against Cargilfield. Captain Willow facilitated a discussion on tactics,  while the rest of the team got into their batting order.

Belhaven’s first innings was steady – Mathilde hit a number of powerful, impressive shots, while Lily ran well, clocking up the half-rounders. Leonie and Abi ran intelligently, too, allowing Belhaven to finish their first innings on five rounders. This was a pleasing score, although the team felt that they were capable of more.

Cargilfield seemed to have warmed up while fielding, and entered the fray determined and focused. The half-rounders came thick and fast, and they succeeded in scoring three full rounders, too. It could have been more, however, were it not for excellent fielding by Belhaven. Communication was clear, and the positivity was evident. Beatrix played brilliantly on second base, while Molly bowled wonderfully. Cargilfield’s first innings finished with a score of eight. Belhaven had work to do.

The girls were now at the top of their game. Willow led by example, scoring four-and-a-half rounders, and Mathilde continued her strong performance by hitting some unbeatable shots. Louise ran like the wind to get on the scoresheet, and Leonie made some excellent shots to score two half-rounders. At the end of their second innings, the Belhaven team had scored ten, giving a total of fifteen rounders overall.

Cargilfield batted well in their second innings, too, but the Belhaven fielding was strong. The speed with which the ball was returned to the appropriate base frustrated Cargilfield’s efforts to score full rounders. They finished with a score of seven, giving an overall score of fifteen.

A draw was a fair result. It had been a tight match, enjoyed by all, in the most beautiful of places. Well done!

Final result:  Belhaven 15 - 15 Cargilfield


Boys' Cricket


Belhaven 193 – 161 Cargilfield

With the marquee for the Centenary Ball taking up much of the school cricket pitch this fixture was held at Winterfield. Blessed with glorious sunshine and a backdrop of both Berwick Law and Bass Rock, Winterfield provided a beautiful setting for an entertaining game, albeit giving little protection from the wind.


Cargilfield went in to bat first. A cross wind made bowling particularly difficult given that a soft ball was being used, but the Belhaven bowlers managed to contain the number of wides by allowing for the inevitable drift of the ball through the air. Blake and Louis each took a wicket, and Rafe bowled consistently well. The pick of the bunch however was Archie R who made a double wicket maiden over! Cargilfield totalled 161 runs from 24 overs.

Belhaven batted well, with 10 players getting at least one boundary. Particular mention, must go to Louis and Archie R who each scored three 4s, Struan who scored three 4s and a 6, Ivan with five 4s and Blake with six. Along with the strong batting performance from Belhaven, the Cargilfield bowlers were a little less accurate, being penalized for numerous wide balls.

Belhaven ended the innings as comfortable victors with 193 runs from 24 overs. 



Narrow loss for U9 boys cricketers against Cargilfield.

Belhaven put Cargilfield into bat first, and we put in a fair number of good bowling performances throughout the twelve ten-ball overs.  Certainly Oak, Archie, Innes, Alexander and Leo produced their finest bowling performances of the season as we restricted Cargilfield to straight up 100 runs, no bad effort. 

Though the visitors got off to a strong start, Alexander stunted their progress with two wickets in his over; both clean bowled.  Archie followed immediately by forcing a well-taken catch by Xander and the game was afoot.  Innes and William bowled accurately and inexpensively before Leo took a nice clean-bowled wicket and then Xander two more in the final over of the game.

This gave us a stiff, but achievable target to aim at.

First Innings: Cargilfield 100 for 66 from 20 overs.

In reply for Belhaven we started to slowly; but safely.  Archie and Ben scored 14 runs for no loss, Dougal and Alexander 10 for 1 before Xander came in and made the game his own.  Along with Robin he took the score from 24 to 62, halfway through our innings and suddenly 100 looked a possibility.

Sadly, Leo and William came in next and two catches off Leo and William running himself out put paid to our chances of winning today as the two scored overall 4 runs for 3 wickets.  Innes and Oak did very well to put on a further 18 runs for the loss of just one wicket, but alas, Cargilfield had held their secret weapon till the end.  As Atticus and William took the field, so did the best bowler on the pitch as he restricted our chances of scoring and in fact got William clean bowled a couple of times, as the final pairing ended on -5 for 2 wickets.

Second Innings: Belhaven 79 for 7 from 20 overs.

I think today Cargilfield just about deserve the win, as you’d expect from a group of boys twice the size of ours, but I am so proud of the lads as they came so close, giving Cargi a good run for their money.

Wickets: Xander, Alexander (2), Leo, Archie.
Catches: Xander.
Run-outs: -
Stumpings: -
Runs: Xander 32, Oak 7, Ben, Robin 2, Archie, Alexander, Atticus 1 (no loss of wicket), Innes 2 (1 wicket lost), Leo 5 (2), Dougal 0 (5), William 6 (3).

Well played everyone!

Man of the Match: Xander for bringing up to within sight of victory with some storming batting.

Result: Cargilfield U9 boys win by 21 runs.