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Cross Country: 2023 Patrol Relay

Cross Country: 2023 Patrol Relay

Belhaven Hill's Patrol Cross Country Relay 2023

Another great patrol cross-country event was held this week as Belhaven’s annual Patrol Relay was run along the 5.1 mile route between the school and John Muir Country Park.  Each patrol divides itself into four teams, A, B, C and D and then each team into seven legs over the distance.  The weather was very cold, but dry, and the winning A-team was the Woodpeckers’ A-Team who covered the distance in just over 33 minutes, the slowest D-Team coming in some 15 minutes later.  Every fit and available pupil from our top six years, 98 in all, competed.

Map showing Belhaven Hill's Cross Country Patrol Relay course 2023

Here are some good pictures and a short video clip from a great event.


Belhaven Hill cross country runner in John Muir country park Belhaven Hill pupils making change over during Cross Country Patrol Relay

Hand over during Belhaven Hill's PAtrol Cross Country Relay Two Belhaven Hill pupils race for the line during Patrol Relay race 2023

Handover at the far end of the course in John Muir Country Park during Belhaven hill's Patrol Cross Country relay Cross Country runners Belhaven Bay PAtrol Cross country relay

Happy cross country runners during Belhaven Hill's Patrol relay competition