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Eaglet's Eye: E-Safety by Wendy C

Eaglet's Eye: E-Safety by Wendy C

E-Safety  – Wendy C (29.9.23)

On 15th September 2023, Alan Mackenzie came to talk to Forms 1 and 2 about e-safety. Mr. Mackenzie is a keen gamer and his favourite game is Angry Birds! He said that he was not here to tell us off, just to advise us and show us how the apps get you reeled in.

First, Mr. Mackenzie talked about triggers, when a notification shows up on your phone and it buzzes. When it buzzes it triggers you, you just have to look at your phone because it tricks you into thinking it’s important but it’s just Instagram notifying you for unnecessary reasons. You can also get triggered by the colours on your phone because of the bright colours of the apps.

Mr. Mackenzie went on to talk about terms and conditions. In Facebook’s terms and conditions, for example, it says that they get to keep your photos forever, and that they can use them in any way they want! Instagram’s terms and conditions are similar but they don’t get full control of your photos.

‘All they care about is money,’ Mr. Mackenzie said. The only way social media apps make money is by advertising and, in fact, every fourth post is an ad on Instagram. When Facebook bought WhatsApp they thought that they could make a lot of money but it doesn’t because it has no ads! On SnapChat there is a thing called a SnapStreak where two people send a message to each other every day and if you miss a day, you lose your streak and have to pay if you want to restore it, therefore making SnapChat more money.

When I heard there was going to be an e-safety talk I thought it would be a boring person coming in and telling us off but when I heard the speech I was very impressed and I thought it was very informing. It was very useful to know what is actually in the terms and conditions and now we can all think about them and not just accept them all. The speech was very good and I hope the next years get to listen to Mr. Mackenzie speak. 

By Wendy C, Form 2