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Eaglet's Eye - Form 1 Trip to Bannockburn

Eaglet's Eye – Form 1 Trip to Bannockburn

We started the trip straight after breakfast on Thursday 5th October. Everyone was very excited: the shock on everyone’s face in 1A when Mr Purkiss said ‘We’re going to Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn’ was great to see!  

We got on the bus and started driving with our packed lunches stored safely on our laps. The weather wasn’t particularly great, it has to be said, but that didn’t dampen our excitement. On the way, we saw quite a few police cars - one of the cooling towers was on fire in a power plant. Anyway, we arrived safely and hurried inside to get out of the rain, which, by now, was almost torrential. 

We sat down and learnt a bit more about Bannockburn. We all got an opportunity to pick up, or should I say ‘wield’, all of the weapons. Everyone loved the gift shop but obviously no one bought anything as we didn’t have any money with us! Next, we went into the room with screens everywhere and information in the middle. Suddenly, they told us to duck the English arrows as their archers started shooting longbows and crossbows at the Scots on the screen behind us! Most people didn’t duck, presumably just happily waiting to be shot. 


We learnt that the spears from the schiltrons were 14-20 feet long, which is massive! Suddenly everyone got a role in the battle room. There was a circle with a map in the middle which told us all about the battle. One of my favourite moments was when Ivan, fierce enemy of the English, showed off his Scottish accent by repeatedly shouting “Kebabs”! 

We said a big thank you to the organisers of the incredible display and went home. The weather had finally improved. Sadly, we got back to Belhaven just in time for the Thursday run! 

By Monty Craig, Form 1