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Eaglet's Eye - Form 5 Trip To Bamburgh

Eaglet's Eye - Form 5 Trip To Bamburgh

By Delphine S, Form 5

On Tuesday 23rd April, Form 5 went to Bamburgh Castle and The Grace Darling Museum in England. First at Bamburgh Castle our guide, Helen, took us to the King’s Hall with a giant teak ceiling. After the King’s Hall we went to the billiard room where the gentleman would play pool and eat, next to that was the Faire Chamber where ladies would relax and do embroidery.  

Suddenly we are talking about ghosts, but don’t worry these were friendly ghosts. We were told about one called Sophie. We all said, “Hi Sophie!” and she moved the tapestry on the wall and held Heidi’s and my hand.  


Next, we went to the armoury that had loads of weapons and armour.  Helen then took us to the Keep Hall which had a well and this well has a story   One day two boys were playing football one of the boys accidentally kicked the ball into the forest so he went and got it but he saw a tunnel so this boy called his friend over and they went in and climbed a ladder. Then the boy found himself poking his head out of a well in the middle of a castle!    


After lunch we went to the Grace Darling Museum where we were greeted by a volunteer called Sally. She took us upstairs to do a drama workshop. Grace C was Grace Darling and I was a lifeboat person. We all said goodbye to Sally and went downstairs and saw a giant model lighthouse of where Grace Darling used to live. Next, we watched a film of Grace’s life story. After that we went to the church and the church yard where we saw the Monument to Grace Darling and a beautiful stained-glass window with a pink oar.