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Eaglet's Eye - Form 5 Trip to Mungoswells Mill

Eaglet's Eye – Form 5 Trip to Mungoswells Mill

By Grace C and Mary D, Form 5

A week ago, Form 5 went to Mungoswells Mill. First of all, we got onto the buses and had our packed lunches. When we arrived, we got out of the buses and we met a man in charge of the mill called Angus. We went inside the main barn.

Angus told us how the first stage was to take the shells off the grain and then grind the wheat. Next, we went into the mill where we were split into different groups. We have two groups in Form 5, one is called the Pyramids and the other is called the Sphinxes. The Pyramids went to the top of the mill and looked at how they would sieve and split the wheat. The Sphinxes were downstairs looking at the different stages of the flour production and we were allowed to feel some samples to see what it was like.  We all looked a bit white after that!

We looked at a bit of the mill where it would have been grinding the wheat into flour. Then we switched groups and did the same thing. After that we went back to the barn and we asked Angus some questions. Soon we went back to the buses and headed back to school.