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Eaglet's Eye - Form 5 Tyne Estuary Trip Review 

Eaglet’s Eye – Form 5 Tyne Estuary Trip Review 

A few days ago, Form 5 went on a Geography trip to find the estuary of the River Tyne at the John Muir Country Park. 

We drove in the minibus from Belhaven through West Barns and we parked in the car park. We walked down the John Muir Way and we met Miss Lloyd on the way to the sands and the estuary of the Tyne walking her dog. She asked us what we were doing and when we told her we were looking for an estuary she said that she was pleased as Geography was her subject!  

The tide was coming in. We stood on the sand for a while when we arrived, and we realised that the water was covering our welly boots because the tide was getting higher, so we measured the water with our wellies. The river was flowing backwards! We could see the mouth of the Tyne gouging out the sand and mud on the way to the sea, but Humphrey decided to go for a little paddle in the cold river! 

After that we went back to the bus and back to Belhaven for a breaktime snack and that was the Form 5 geography trip. 

By Monty S - Form 5