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Eaglet's Eye: Geography at Belhaven

Eaglet's Eye: Geoography at Belhaven

Geography at Belhaven – Maya R (29.9.23)

At Belhaven Hill School we are proud of all our academic subjects that we learn and teach. One of our academic subjects is geography which has lots of different topics attached to it like rivers, volcanoes, humans populations and even more!

Our geography teacher is called Mr Townshend who is always engaged in his amazing way of teaching that we enjoy, especially when he was teaching us geography so long. Mr Townshend also has two very cute dogs called Nandi (4) and Thula (13) 


Left: Nandi /photo taken by Maya R. Right: Thula / photo also taken by Maya R.

As I already mentioned, Belhaven's amazing lessons like geography never get boring with our teachers  that put a lot of work to make power points and prepare to for lessons. So no mater how chilly it is we will enjoy our lessons!