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Eaglet's Eye: Journalism from Belhaven Pupils

Eaglet's Eye: Journalism from Belhaven Pupils

At the start of the term, we created the opportunity for budding journalists to test their skills in writing for the Eagle’s Eye! At this early stage, we are encouraging those who have shown an interest to write on any topic that they like, and gradually regular columns will emerge from our enthusiastic contributors. 

Playing the Viola - Iona G (30.11.2023)

My name is Iona and I am deaf. I started to play the violin when I was 11 years old but now I play the viola. I practise really hard and last week I played in a concert. I love the viola because I can feel the vibrations of the strings across my cheek and on my hand holding the viola. This is really important when you can’t hear. Music makes me feel cheerful.

By Iona G - Form 1






Form 5 Trip to Tyne Estuary - Monty S (17.11.23)

A few days ago, Form 5 went on a Geography trip to find the estuary of the River Tyne at the John Muir Country Park. 

We drove in the minibus from Belhaven through West Barns and we parked in the car park. We walked down the John Muir Way and we met Miss Lloyd on the way to the sands and the estuary of the Tyne walking her dog. She asked us what we were doing and when we told her we were looking for an estuary she said that she was pleased as Geography was her subject!  

The tide was coming in. We stood on the sand for a while when we arrived, and we realised that the water was covering our welly boots because the tide was getting higher, so we measured the water with our wellies. The river was flowing backwards! We could see the mouth of the Tyne gouging out the sand and mud on the way to the sea, but Humphrey decided to go for a little paddle in the cold river! 

After that we went back to the bus and back to Belhaven for a breaktime snack and that was the Form 5 geography trip. 

By Monty S - Form 5

Form 1 Trip to Bannockburn – Monty C (13.10.23)

We started the trip straight after breakfast on Thursday 5th October. Everyone was very excited: the shock on everyone’s face in 1A when Mr Purkiss said ‘We’re going to Stirling Bridge and Bannockburn’ was great to see!  

We got on the bus and started driving with our packed lunches stored safely on our laps. The weather wasn’t particularly great, it has to be said, but that didn’t dampen our excitement. On the way, we saw quite a few police cars - one of the cooling towers was on fire in a power plant. Anyway, we arrived safely and hurried inside to get out of the rain, which, by now, was almost torrential. 

We sat down and learnt a bit more about Bannockburn. We all got an opportunity to pick up, or should I say ‘wield’, all of the weapons. Everyone loved the gift shop but obviously no one bought anything as we didn’t have any money with us! Next, we went into the room with screens everywhere and information in the middle. Suddenly, they told us to duck the English arrows as their archers started shooting longbows and crossbows at the Scots on the screen behind us! Most people didn’t duck, presumably just happily waiting to be shot. 

We learnt that the spears from the schiltrons were 14-20 feet long, which is massive! Suddenly everyone got a role in the battle room. There was a circle with a map in the middle which told us all about the battle. One of my favourite moments was when Ivan, fierce enemy of the English, showed off his Scottish accent by repeatedly shouting “Kebabs”! 

We said a big thank you to the organisers of the incredible display and went home. The weather had finally improved. Sadly, we got back to Belhaven just in time for the Thursday run! 

By Monty Craig, Form 1 

Lady Haig's Poppy Factory – Clemmie G-C (29.9.23)

On 28th September, Form 3 went to Lady Haig's Poppy Factory to celebrate Remembrance Day. It started off with a long drive to Edinburgh in two separate minibuses and some excitement on the children’s behalf! When we finally arrived, everyone was happy to be out in the open and more importantly to start our tour! We were ushered into the main building to quickly listen to a short safety briefing then we split in half to make two groups and off we went to look at poppies. It was a beautiful building, and that beauty was intensified by the poem, In Flanders Fields, on the ceiling, the poppy’s adorning the walls and the colourfulness of the general area.

Lady Haig had wanted to make poppy symbols and that idea didn’t die, with the help of others the great factory sprung up around her and poppies became a symbol of the dead. We saw amazing things like 150-year-old machines and how they made long stem poppies, normal poppies and poppy wreaths! Everyone there had worked in the army and almost all of them were disabled but they have a home amongst poppies and work tirelessly to make sure their lives were not lived in vain. In making and selling their work they redeem their lost friends and family.

The money raised supports their workshop and encourages schools like Belhaven to see the poppy dress, the poppy wall of fame, (a bit of their factory with pictures of famous people) and the poppy therapy dog! They are also the only factory that sells free wreaths that has a photo of your choice in the middle; that process takes up to three weeks! Their work is truly inspirational and has encouraged many people to follow in their footsteps. Thank you poppy factory! 

By Clemmie G-C, Form 3

E-Safety  – Wendy C (29.9.23)

On 15th September 2023, Alan Mackenzie came to talk to Forms 1 and 2 about e-safety. Mr. Mackenzie is a keen gamer and his favourite game is Angry Birds! He said that he was not here to tell us off, just to advise us and show us how the apps get you reeled in.

First, Mr. Mackenzie talked about triggers, when a notification shows up on your phone and it buzzes. When it buzzes it triggers you, you just have to look at your phone because it tricks you into thinking it’s important but it’s just Instagram notifying you for unnecessary reasons. You can also get triggered by the colours on your phone because of the bright colours of the apps.

Mr. Mackenzie went on to talk about terms and conditions. In Facebook’s terms and conditions, for example, it says that they get to keep your photos forever, and that they can use them in any way they want! Instagram’s terms and conditions are similar but they don’t get full control of your photos.

‘All they care about is money,’ Mr. Mackenzie said. The only way social media apps make money is by advertising and, in fact, every fourth post is an ad on Instagram. When Facebook bought WhatsApp they thought that they could make a lot of money but it doesn’t because it has no ads! On SnapChat there is a thing called a SnapStreak where two people send a message to each other every day and if you miss a day, you lose your streak and have to pay if you want to restore it, therefore making SnapChat more money.

When I heard there was going to be a e-safety talk I thought it would be a boring person coming in and telling us off but when I heard the speech I was very impressed and I thought it was very informing. It was very useful to know what is actually in the terms and conditions and now we can all think about them and not just accept them all. The speech was very good and I hope the next years get to listen to mr. Mackenzie speak. 

By Wendy C, Form 2

Geography at Belhaven – Maya R (29.9.23)

At Belhaven Hill School we are proud of all our academic subjects that we learn and teach. One of our academic subjects is geography which has lots of different topics attached to it like rivers, volcanoes, humans populations and even more!

Our geography teacher is called Mr Townshend who is always engaged in his amazing way of teaching that we enjoy, especially when he was teaching us geography so long. Mr Townshend also has two vey cute dogs called Nandi (4) and Thula (13) 


Left: Nandi /photo taken by Maya R. Right: Thula / photo also taken by Maya R.

As I already mentioned, Belhaven's amazing lessons like geography never get boring with our teachers  that put a lot of work to make power points and prepare to for lessons. So no mater how chilly it is we will enjoy our lessons!

Alice G in geography classroom/ photo taken by Maya.               

By Maya R, Form 1