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Eaglet's Eye: Form 3 visit Lady Haig's Poppy Factory

Eaglet's Eye: Lady Haig's Poppy Factory visit by Clemmie G-C

Lady Haig's Poppy Factory – Clemmie G-C (29.9.23)

On 28th September, Form 3 went to Lady Haig's Poppy Factory to celebrate Remembrance Day. It started off with a long drive to Edinburgh in two separate minibuses and some excitement on the children’s behalf! When we finally arrived, everyone was happy to be out in the open and more importantly to start our tour! We were ushered into the main building to quickly listen to a short safety briefing then we split in half to make two groups and off we went to look at poppies. It was a beautiful building, and that beauty was intensified by the poem, In Flanders Fields, on the ceiling, the poppies adorning the walls and the colourfulness of the general area.

Lady Haig had wanted to make poppy symbols and that idea didn’t die, with the help of others the great factory sprung up around her and poppies became a symbol of the dead. We saw amazing things like 150-year-old machines and how they made long stem poppies, normal poppies and poppy wreaths! Everyone there had worked in the army and almost all of them were disabled but they have a home amongst poppies and work tirelessly to make sure their lives were not lived in vain. In making and selling their work they redeem their lost friends and family.

The money raised supports their workshop and encourages schools like Belhaven to see the poppy dress, the poppy wall of fame, (a bit of their factory with pictures of famous people) and the poppy therapy dog! They are also the only factory that sells free wreaths that has a photo of your choice in the middle; that process takes up to three weeks! Their work is truly inspirational and has encouraged many people to follow in their footsteps. Thank you poppy factory! 

By Clemmie G-C, Form 3