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Eco-Week Report

Eco-Week Report

Led by the eco-committee as part of the Green Flag Award, this week saw all the staff and pupils involved in planning our next steps for the sustainable future of the school

After a very well-planned assembly from Mr. Dawson and our young environmentalists, the whole school set about brainstorming ideas and outlining achievable goals...

On 'Mindmap Monday' pupils and staff were given the chance to layout their vision for the next two years, discussing the areas on which they would like Belhaven to concentrate as we try to help the world around us. 

On 'Targets Tuesday' they then sounded out which targets they thought might be achievable in respect of their chosen visions. 

'Thinking Thursday' introduced the ten topics from which we can choose to maintain our Green Flag status (Climate Change is compulsory) and which two other topics fitted their vision. The topics are shown below. 

'Selection Saturday' allowed each pupil to vote for their favourite two topics and they each gave their reasons for choosing them.  

The pupils demonstrated great care and passion for their chosen areas and we received some great ideas. Some proposals may be fairly quick to put in place; others are longer-term projects which we can make a start on. 

Once the results have been presented back to the school there will a further update in the Eagle’s Eye.