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End of Season Sports' Reports

End of Season Sports' Reports

Belhaven Hill's Season's Reports for the Girls' Netball and Boys' Hockey Teams

Girls' Netball


Although we only won a handful matches, the girls have improved their game play greatly.  They work as a team and have devised their own moves based on ones that we have worked on, as well as ensure they run forwards for the ball, rather than hide behind an opponent.  Lily and Sophie have been fantastic shooters for the team, remaining calm under pressure.  Izzi, Alice and Louisa have been a steady link in the centre of the court, making space, whilst Lottie and Ottie, have worked well together, defending their goal.  Willow has proved she is a versatile player on the court and has played a number of positions. 

Sophie, Alice Louisa and Izzi represented the school in the Thistles team.

Belhaven Hill Girls' Netball 1st team and coach

Well done!


This netball season for the 2nd netball team was very successful overall, despite a few unlucky results against very strong teams. The girls were very committed to improve themselves in different facets of the game. Having an ever-changing team list, with multiple girls being either off-games, playing for the 1st team or attending scholarships, impacted them very little as a team, which is commendable.  

With between two and three netball sessions each week, the girls would focus on developing their chemistry as a team and skills, such as passing and off-ball movement to find space to find shots. Among our shooters this term were Amelia, Blanca, Victoire and Liv who were each outstanding in their own right. Many times, when under pressure, any one of them could start making tough shots to keep us competitive in the match. 

One of our stand-out players, who played a couple of matches was Bea, who played in a variety of positions and was always ready to work her hardest for the entire 4 quarters of every match she played. Another notable mention was our captain Charlotte who led the team from wing defence with determination for every match, and would often be marking the opposition’s tallest players. Charlotte would also continually provide inspiration and advice both before matches and during half time. Every member of the team has been invaluable to our season and despite only winning a couple of matches, every player worked their hardest to ensure that we never gave up and kept competitive at all times.

They should all be very proud of everything they have achieved this term.



Boys' Hockey


Played 5 : Won 2 : Drawn 1 : Lost 2 :  Scored 7 : Against 13

We started the season in fine fashion with a hard-earned 3-1 win against St. Mary’s, as we dominated the entire match but could not get past the inspired away team goalie.  Eventually the expansive play we were trying to stick to and Wilf brought about parity.  Shortly after, two identikit diagonal passes from Sam split the St. Mary’s defence for Wilf to bag a hat-trick.  It was a lesson in patience and persevering with our play.

A similar story was seen in our second match, against Longridge Towers, which was eventually won 3-2.  Again we dominated proceedings but went 2-0 down to the visitors’ only shots at goal.  Just before the end we broke through and with the wind in our sails, snatched a last-gasp victory from the jaws of what would have been an undeserved defeat.  That we played with no goalie, in contrast to Longridge showed the excellent and intelligent tending needed by Tom.  Wilf again scored with two swept finishes and Sam flicked the goal of the season with a show high to the ‘keeper’s left corner.

Our third match was against an excellent Fettes side and we duly lost 0-4, but 0-2 would have been a fairer result as our goalie Archie had a match to forget, conceding three easy shots, but also making a superb triple save which brought gasps from the crowd.  Eck was solid at the back but n-one covered themselves in glory in a game where we were forced to play too narrow and as such left out flanks open to Fettes.

Our fourth opponent was Merchiston and the two sides provided the greatest hockey match I have had the pleasure of watching.  Both teams cancelled each other out from start to finish and it took an error from our defence to allow the stalemate to be broken, Eck momentarily leaving his man as Merchiston went 1-0 up.  Thankfully, Ted came up with a piece of brilliance as he dribbled through four tackles, shot and Wilf swept in the rebound from inside-left.  A 1-1 draw was the fair result in a brilliant game.

We finished with a heavy loss to Cargilfield who were good value for a win.  We simply played too narrow; our wide players not having the chance to become effective, and we let our marked men free too often.  Laurie excelled in his first appearance in goal but a 5-0 loss was just about merited.

So a good season with lots of positives; Eck stepping up to a more difficult level, Tommy moving to the firsts, Wilf remaining quietly effective, Archie generally reliable with some excellence thrown in at times, Tom intelligent and solid, Laurie roving and dependable with others chipping in.  Well done, everyone.

Player of the season: Every match I chose someone different from Tom, Eck, Ted, Wilf and Laurie so this time, we’ll share the honour.

Opponent Score Scorers
St. Mary's 3 - 1 Wilf (3)
Longridge 3 - 2 Wilf (2), Sam
Fettes 0 - 4
Merchiston 1 - 1 Wilf
Cargilfield 0 - 5


It was great for the 3rd team to get so many competitive fixtures this season to ensure that everybody’s hockey improved. The season comprised of 5 matches: a comfortable win against St Mary’s, an entertaining draw with Merchiston, two close losses against Longridge & Loretto and a lesson handed out by Fettes.

With a good rotation of players in the 2nds and 3rds, there was a huge squad that made up the 3rd team. Particular mentions must go to those who played key roles for the team:

  • Fernando, who developed his goal scoring prowess.
  • William, who would chase every ball and frustrate the opposition’s defence.
  • Alexander A, who captained with pride.
  • Louis, who was solid at the back, when he remembered to get on the bus.
  • Adam, who committed himself to every training session and match and would happily have taken a ball to the face to prevent a goal.



The U11As have had a successful season and the boys should be extremely proud of how they have played. Even though we had a few losses the boys showed incredible skill and determination throughout the season.

  • Harry stepped up to be goalie this season and, having never been in goal before, did brilliantly. He put his body on the line and made a number of incredible saves.
  • Tristan and Tommy helped to defend our D and made strong tackles followed by strong clears.
  • Geordie was a chameleon on the field and could be relied on to play in defence and as a speedy forward.
  • Wilbur controlled the play in the middle and used his strong sweep to find a space for the ball behind the opposition. He also scored a number of super goals this season – either powerful strikes or a sneaky flick over the goalie into the top corner.
  • Hector can read a game beautifully and always knew where the space would be and predict the play of the game. He has incredible stick skills and outwitted the opponents.
  • Up front, Ollie T worked tirelessly in getting shots on goal and was our top goal scorer this season.
  • Charlie is a force on the hockey pitch and had boundless energy; one moment he would be setting up shots on goal and the next he was all the way back helping in defence and making incredible tackles.
  • The captain Hamish led his team confidently and from his position in defence communicated with his team what they needed to do.

It has been a pleasure to be involved in the coaching this team, the boys are all very talented and I look forward to seeing them play at Under 13 level.

Played 7 : Won 4 : Lost 3 : Goals for 34 : Goals Against 16

Silver medalists at the Craigclowan Tournament

Top goal scorer: Ollie T

Player of the season: Charlie T for showing enthusiasm, skill and resilience in every match. He showed incredible sportsmanship and even after a loss would always have a cheerful outlook on the game.



What I enjoyed this term about coaching the U9s is that the improvement through the term has been so apparent.  At the start of the term they rushed into a tight scrum behind the ball.  After explaining that, having been coached to get behind the ball in rugby and that those nearest the ball had to go in to support, they could now run in front of the ball in hockey and make sure they stayed out wide.  A confusing change at first!  We had some fun playing games without their hockey sticks to try and get them running into space to receive a pass and slowly their hockey started to improve.

Stick skills have also improved so that they can now pass and receive the ball with confidence and there were awesome moments in the final matches when the ball was played wide at the back, taken up the wing and passed to someone in front of the goal.  It was proper hockey. 

There was some stalwart defence from players like Leo, Ben, Harry and Robin; some tireless play further up the pitch from William, Innes, Oak and Archie; and excellent positional and passing play from Xander.  There were some impressive passages of play leading to some excellent goals but the perhaps the most impressive was a reverse stick hit from Alexander to score against Cargilfield in our final fixture of the term.  It somehow summed up the term’s hockey with an improved skill put to good use.

Well done to the all the U9 boys who listened really well and put their skills into practice.