Belhaven Hill School

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Exploring Our School Values with Form 6
There is so much happening at Belhaven each week whether it is working hard in the classroom, playing with friends, practising a musical instrument or building a campfire in the shrub. At the heart of Belhaven are our three school values; Courage, Courtesy and Creativity. These values are what makes Belhaven such a special place to be. Let’s have a look at how Form 6 have incorporated these values into their daily learning over the past fortnight.

Meet the Teacher Event

Two weeks ago, Form 6 welcomed their parents into the classroom for the first time, with a warm cup of tea and a delicious slice of millionaire shortbread. They then took their parents on a tour around the classrooms to show them their wonderful work. They read them stories, discussed the History of Belhaven and had a go at driving their ‘Spheros’ round a maze, which they had designed. They had their beautiful artwork on display and faced the challenge of explaining the steps they took to come up with their superb masterpieces. The children displayed how courtesy, creativity and courage can help them to feel confident and proud of their achievements.

Class Debate

Whilst learning about the History of Belhaven, we have started to look at school rules and why we have them. This led us to have a debate with the title, ‘Should school uniform be banned?’ Straight away the class were divided on their opinions and they were expressing their thoughts with exciting passion. The children were then put into groups and told which side they had to argue. This was not necessarily the side they wanted but it was all in the name of the power of persuasion. They stepped up to the task and an exciting battle commenced. A battle which showed a great deal of courage, particularly in those who find it difficult to stand up and talk in front of people.  

Sport & Outdoor Education

On the games field, the children have continued to work on their hockey and rugby skills. Unfortunately, there have been a few match cancellations but the girls and boys have joined together for a couple of touch rugby and football sessions, which has been great fun. The children also enjoyed a trip to explore Lochend Woods during Outdoor Education.



Adventurous Amy

The tales of Adventurous Amy have continued as she left school for an exciting weekend down in the Borders.  She was isolating for a while after an adventure to the PCR test centre but fortunately has made it back safe and well. She is now looking forward to her first trip abroad with the Baillies - Paris here we come! We look forward to seeing the photos.


Walled Garden Activity Club

Our Walled Garden club has been very popular, particularly on a Monday where the children have been baking some delicious goodies under the guidance of Mrs Townshend and Mr Brown. This week the children made some mouth-watering cheese straws, which I’m sure the parents also enjoyed!

Art and DT

The children have continued to develop their art and design skills by coming up with story board ideas in DT for their animation about Scottish inventors and making Zoetrope animation strips to understand how animation started. In Art, they have been looking at thistles – they have created charcoal drawings and are in the process of finishing their thistle paintings using brushes and sponges.


Have a look at some of the other exciting things that our 6 and 7 year olds have been getting up to inside and outside the classroom in the Autumn Term, 2021