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Fettes College Classics Day 2023

Fettes College Classics’ Day 2023

Fettes College Classics Day 2023

This week saw Form 2 invited to the annual Fettes College Classics Day. A staple tradition on the Classics calendar, Belhaven loves going along every year.  We were treated to a display from a Roman decurion, and instructed in warfare and techniques, culminating in a battle for the previous centurion’s head!  Then we set off to listen to a beautiful retelling of Perseus’ tussle with the gorgon Medusa, and before lunch, a drama session specialising in Greek movement.

The Roman-style lunch was, as ever, spectacular – the sausage rolls and chorizo pizza proving a particular hit, before we launched into pottery and freeze-frame physical re-enactments before our final workshop, helping to create a 6’ square mosaic of the gorgon’s head.

Our final activity of the day was the vocabulary challenge.  In the past two years we had won this competition through two excellent candidates, but this year we were up against 140 candidates from seven different schools in Scotland and the north of England.  In superb performances Arthur and Noah made it through to the final three and, spectacularly, Noah won the event on a tie-break question to make it a hat-trick of wins in three years for Belhaven.

Every event was amazing and to culminate in such a dramatic fashion capped off a memorable day experiencing Classics being brought to life.

Fettes College Classics Day 2023