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Fettes Latin Day

Fettes Latin Day

After a year’s hiatus due to Covid, the Fettes Latin Day was back with a bang and better than ever.  Designed to garner enthusiasm in Classics among children who are Form 2 age, the day is always a wonderful occasion to be part of.  Every year the activities on offer vary slightly.

Belhaven began with experiencing a professional storyteller’s retelling of Theseus and the Minotaur, an informative and exciting dramatisation of the myth.  Up second and linked to that, we moved on to acting out scenes found on ancient classical vases – several of which the pupils got to see in person.  Thirdly we learnt army discipline from a Roman centurion, which the pupils absolutely loved.


The pupils learnt basic commands, marching pace and battle technique before launching into a final pitched battle.  Finally the pupils played their part in creating a Roman mosaic, which brought out the best of their artistic side.

Fettes Latin Day 2021

‘Sandwiched’ in the middle of these experiences was a delicious Roman banquet and the final act was the Vocabulary Challenge, where each school sent its best pupils to compete head-to-head against the candidates which other schools present sent.  Happily enough, after having drawn neck and neck in the first two rounds with his nearest challenger, Charlie won the tie-break and as such was crowned the winner, well-deserved after an exhilarating performance.  Believe me when I say you have to be good to translate as fast as Charlie can.

Huge thanks to Fettes for providing the opportunity to bring the Latin language to life.