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Fitness or Gym Equipment Appeal

Fitness or Gym Equipiment Appeal

A message from Mr Townshend to all parents:

I write to ask if any of you have any fitness or gym equipment, which you no longer use, that you would be willing to donate to the school.

Though it has been incredibly disappointing for pupils and staff alike not to have fixtures this term along with all excitement, tension and release that these create, necessity is the mother of innovation and thus the Sports Department has been forced into being ever more innovative, with some of the innovations of this term already set to be continued in future.

One exciting new idea is to establish a fitness suite on the sports hall mezzanine - an area that has hitherto been largely unused.  

The idea behind this fitness suite is:

  • For Mr. Dryburgh to use during PE lessons to teach all children about basic movements
  • For the rehabilitation of injured children and for those who are injured to maintain their enthusiasm and fitness in a safe manner
  • For those children who are interested, to learn more detail about body dynamics and fitness training
  • For senior children, especially those who may be considering taking a scholarship with a sporting element, to use in their own time, as part of a fitness and S & C regime.

Now, while the school can purchase some of the required equipment, I suspect that a good number of you may well have items of fitness equipment gathering dust in a cellar or spare room, purchased, in all likelihood, in January of a year gone by.

I can now provide you with a brilliant opportunity, not to be missed, to unburden yourselves of the guilt of unused equipment or to free up space for any new purchases this coming January!

While we would gladly accept any equipment, we would be especially delighted to receive the following:

  • a rowing machine*
  • a cycling machine*
  • plyo jump boxes
  • an assortment of body balance balls
  • barbell bar (to teach correct technique - actually doing weights at this age is not recommended)
  • weights bench (as above)
  • a treadmill
  • very light (1kg & 2kg) free weights/kettlebells
  • punch bag (& gloves)
  • wall mounted pull-up bars
  • any type of balance boards

*These two are our top priority

But please do not limit yourselves to the list above - we will happily take (almost) anything. Any equipment we receive which we cannot use, we will donate to Zero Waste in Dunbar, who will recycle it.

Please note that I will happily come and collect any equipment in the East & Mid Lothian areas, or in the Borders or Edinburgh areas. For key items, I would be willing to come and collect from (almost) anywhere!

If you would like to arrange a time for me to collect equipment from your house, or have any questions, please do get in touch.

Many thanks in advance.