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Fond Farewells to Leaving Staff

Fond Farewells

Fond Farewells and Congratulations to Staff Leaving

After 15 years’ unstinting service, Warwick Wilson’s time at Belhaven draws to a close this term. He moves on to teach children with significant learning needs at the specialist education unit attached to Knox Academy in Haddington where I have no doubt that he will have an extraordinary impact. Warwick has done so much during his time from coaching the 1st XV to mindfulness, from being in charge of the school’s Health and Safety policy to ensuring our preparation for inspection, from teaching PE to DT to Science to English to RMPS...

Most importantly and significantly, all done in the gentlest and most encouraging manner. Every comment is constructive, every lesson beautifully planned and every engagement is therefore positive: we will miss his chuckle, his puns and his Kiwi accent enormously as he moves on to teach at Meadowpark where I have no doubt that he will have an extraordinary impact. 


Virginie Brodie has been at Belhaven for six years as Head of French. She has taught the top three year groups and achieved fantastic results courtesy of a combination of linguistic expertise and unbelievable patience! She has also coached sport – all sorts of sport that she had never played before – she has been a stalwart in the girls’ boarding house – and she has made extraordinary progress with the Eco and Charity Clubs. She has run these with imagination, passion and a great deal of success. Belhaven’s attitudes to healthy eating and single-use plastic will never be the same, thanks to Virginie.

The Brodie family have given an amazing amount to Belhaven – James has worked tirelessly in the Walled Garden in recent times and also provided considerable expertise when addressing the haggis on Burns’ Night – and Caroline and Amy have been complete superstars. We will miss this wonderful family enormously as they move to Bilbao. 


George Barrett leaves us after two years in the boys’ boarding house and as Head of History. George and Cornelia have continued the excellent work of their predecessor and the house runs incredibly smoothly – it is a well-ordered, warm and supportive house and the boys have been very lucky to have had his wise and gentle counsel. He has also achieved some fantastic Scholarship and Common Entrance History results, coached rugby and cricket, played the piano and organ and dressed impeccably throughout.

He and Cornelia were married in their first year in the role and leave us to take up a role in Cornelia’s family business – Toppings  - and so we shall see them regularly on trips to Edinburgh for prizes. We send them on their way with our thanks, our congratulations on the announcement of Cornelia’s pregnancy and with all of our best wishes for a happy and successful new career.

Annie Millman has been a brilliant Gap student. Initially she was only going to be with us for one term but, thank goodness, she decided that she wanted to stay for the whole year! She has worked incredibly hard in the girls’ house and has been a real support to Miss Kidd with Form 6, where she has taken spelling groups, supported everyone through remote learning and worked incredibly positively with the children. We have been blessed to have two outstanding gap students during this year and we wish Annie all the very best as she moves on to study at Dundee University.