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Football - 1st Patrol Competition of the Year

Football - 1st Patrol Competition of the Year

Woodpeckers edge past Owls to win Patrol Football

This week saw the first patrol competition of the year as the Woodpeckers won the Patrol Football competition.  The competition is held annually but due to the unseasonably hot weather at the start of this week it was run with a twist; we held all the matches on our local beach at Belhaven Bay!  110 of 111 prep school pupils were involved with just one pupil off games across A, B and C teams in each patrol.

All was tight between the Woodies and Owls after two rounds of matches,, the Owls leading on goal difference, with the Lions not far off either, but in the final, decisive round of matches the Owls could not hold the Woodies back to win for a second consecutive year.

Some brilliant play was seen by all referees, in particular from many of the girls and young pupils involved against their perhaps more experienced male counterparts.  Well done, everybody!