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Form 6: Autumn Leaves to Christmas Wreaths

Form 6: Autumn Leaves to Christmas Wreaths

Our main focus has been on our Nativity rehearsals over the past two weeks as we are now only a week away from the big performance. Line learning is going brilliantly and the children are working on when and where they come on and off the stage. The next excitement will be the great costume reveal. Now for some words from our wonderful actors…



We have been making the most of the sunny and dry days to get out and about in the beautiful school grounds. The children went outside with their iPad’s and took photos of autumn scenes such as the bare trees and the dried up leaves. They then used their senses to come up with brilliant adjectives and put this together in a word document, which they emailed to their parents.


The children have now finished their leaflets based on their three chosen locations around Dunbar. They are starting to look at how we can use this to make an advert to persuade people to visit Dunbar.

Continuing with a Scottish theme, in Art the children have completed their amazing Landseer inspired 'Monarch of the Glen' pictures. They have now started to make rubbings of different textures around the Art Department in preparation for a landscape collage inspired by Max Ernst. In DT the children are continuing to film their individual scenes about their own particular Scottish inventor.


The children had a very exciting visit from Rowena, owner of the Pixie Rose florist in Dunbar. They went foraging for greenery around the grounds and were then taught how to turn this into beautiful festive wreaths, which they were able to take home.


Now we head towards the final two weeks of term, filled with plenty of Christmas fun!