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Form 6: Busy Little Bees!

Form 6 Busy Little Bees!

The second half of term got off to a busy start!  Unfortunately, we had a few absences during the first week but everyone is now back and ready for the excitement of the next three weeks.

It is all go with the rehearsals for 'Mary Poppins'. The children are continuing to work on coordinating their dance routine with their beautiful singing – it is a challenge but they are doing brilliantly!  Next week the children will join the senior rehearsals for the first time, which they are excited about and a little bit nervous. Mrs Dalrymple has very kindly made and delivered all their wonderful costumes. 

During the first week we had a brilliant talk from Dan Smith who is an author of some very exciting books. The children were taken on the journey of his childhood through his boarding school adventures and life living in Brazil and Indonesia. 


In DT the children have been looking at how robots help us and how they are used to explore other planets. They were set the task of designing a robot that has a particular job. After sketching out lots of designs, they chose their favourite idea and have started to construct them out of recycled materials. Some of the ideas include: a robot to help us get dressed, a safari-rescue robot, a cheer-me-up-with-tricks robot, a fishing robot and a salon robot!

In Art, they have been constructing and painting their penguin sculptures and, this week, they have just started moulding fish with clay. 


In Computer Science, the children have been looking at electronics and have built themselves a colour changing LED, which they took home with them. They have learnt about conductors and insulators and the need to be precise with their connections. 

Our Star of the fortnight this week is Xander Langton. He has worked very hard across the board, but in particular in his French work where he has achieved a brilliant four commendeds this term.