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Form 6 Exploring Scotland's National Treasures

Form 6 Exploring Scotland's National Treasures

Returning after a half term or a holiday always brings plenty of exciting stories about travels and adventures. This time was no exception, particularly for Adventurous Amy who was whisked away to Paris with the Baillies. Sadly, COVID got in the way of some people’s plans but, on the whole, a relaxing break brought the children back refreshed and ready for a busy second half of term.

We have a few more of the class who want to introduce themselves and talk about how they have been courageous, courteous and creative this term – the school values.


In our topic work at the moment, we are looking at Dunbar and why people choose to visit it. We have been out in the minibus to visit different areas of Dunbar including the castle; the beautiful harbour; Belhaven Bridge, also known as ‘The Bridge to Nowhere’, and the ‘Dunbear’. The children are working together to produce leaflets about their chosen places in Dunbar. We will update you with the exciting next steps in a couple of weeks. 

The creativity of the Form 6 has continued across the curriculum over the past fortnight. They have produced the most wonderful thistles in art. They were completed by printing prickly shapes on top of their paintings. The children have just started paintings of stags in the Highlands inspired by Edwin Landseer's Monarch of the Glen. In DT, they have now begun to film their group animation about Scottish inventors.


The children were given their Nativity scripts after half term and they have already been working very hard to learn their lines. One of the girls even said, ‘We are being very courageous doing this as I haven’t acted in front of an audience before.’ The children have worked on their vocal skills and sight reading and the importance of putting emotion into their voices. In music, the children have also been working hard on the Nativity by learning the wonderful carols. They have even tried some duets and solos! Form 6 are very good at understanding pulse and rhythmic notation now and they are able to recognise simple rhythms by reading the music before learning a song. Next term they are going to learn the recorder in order to learn about pitch.

The children have been non-stop on the sports field too with several matches, including a cracker of a match against Ardvreck on a Saturday when one of our boys chose to play for Belhaven instead of going to watch Scotland v Tonga! They have also had a hockey festival at St.Mary’s giving the girls a fun opportunity to practise what they have been learning.

There has been plenty of excitement with Hallowe’en and Bonfire Night. Delicious treats were made and lots of fun was had with UV face paint, sparklers and toffee apples. Has that really only been a fortnight?!